Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Yearlong Scrapbook Project

Scrap booking is an increasingly popular hobby. Its popularity likely is slowed by two factors: time and money. You can increase the time you spend scrap booking this year by taking on a yearlong project that will deal with either of these issues.

First we will address time. Yes, it takes time to put together scrapbook pages. Not only do you need to have the pictures picked out, you have to work with themes, colors, and accessories as well. I think that I am like many people when I joke that I am saving my scrap booking for retirement. There simply is too much going on in my life to sit down and scrapbook. But I think this project is a solution!

The project is a panoramic view of your year. In it you will include the events in your family so that you will be able to look back chronologically and see what you were doing this year. While some hardcore scrap bookers argue against chronology and for theme, the point here is to give yourself permission to scrapbook. Forget what those people say and get to it. Now here is where time comes in. How much time do you have to devote to scrap booking each month?

Perhaps you think that you may be able to squeeze an hour in somewhere. You should stick to trying to complete only 2 pages for each month. Keep in mind, though, that much of scrap booking can be done when you are at other events during wait time or television time. As a general rule for this project, do not try to do more than 2 pages with every hour you will have.

Now here is where money comes in. Scrap booking is an expensive hobby. There is no doubt about it. Splurge at the beginning of the year and get the basic supplies. Get a book, pens, and adhesive. You do not have to have anything else. You also should pick up two or three pages for the initial set-up of the book but do not buy anything else right now. Spreading the cost out over the course of the year will help you make room in your budget.

Based on the number of hours you have, select a scrapbook that will have close to the right number of pages. To begin the year, you will create a page that has the year written out and decorate it with whatever strikes you. Then take a photo of each person in your family and include it with the name and age (for children).

Each month you will take your film to get developed or download all of your pictures onto your computer. Then think about the highlights of the month. Maybe you went to a march for Martin Luther King Day. Perhaps someone in the family had a birthday. It may have been vacation time. Whatever the highlights are, you should select one to two pictures from each occasion. The number you pick depends on how many pages you want to do but try to put no more than four pictures per page.

Once you have the pictures printed or developed, make a stop by a local scrap booking supply store on your way home. Try to pick a store close to you and on your route so that you are not putting much time into getting the materials. Be sure that you take the pictures with you.

Now you will need to pick out paper based on the pictures you selected. Pick a paper that will complement the theme of the pictures either through event or through color. Now also is the time to buy stickers, ribbon, and other fun stuff to go on the pages. You should be able to get out of the store without spending a bundle each month.

Once you have your paper, you have one month to put together the pages and get them into your scrapbook before you need to begin the process. You will be spending time during only three days of the month to work on this project, but if you are a busy scrap booker, then this project may tide you over until you have more time on your hands.

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