Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Use The Old To Create The New

Use Old Christmas Bulbs With Worn Out Designs To Create Extravagance.

Christmas is already over, but it's not too late to start creating for next year's event. I find using old christmas bulbs, with designs that are barely seen are great to start with. I magically turn these old and ugly bulbs into something elegant. It's almost like a Cinderella story. Let me explain how I do this.

First I go through all the Christmas bulbs I didn't put on the Christmas tree. Those bulbs that have pictures on them that are worn out work the best. I then take a q-tip swab and some fingernail polish remover and get rid of everything on the bulb except the lines outlining the picture. When you are done, your glass bulb will be clear with no color on it, and vague black lines will be present to trace over.

Next, I have a collection of faux stain glass paint and faux pewter. These items will create a stained glass effect, and if done correctly, will be hard to even tell the difference. I take the pewter bottle and squeeze the pewter out on the lines which are left on the Christmas bulb, and let it dry. If I'm feeling real artsy, or have extra things around my home to decorate additionally, such as beads, I will insert them into the pewter while it is still drying.

Once the pewter is dry, I pick the bulb back up, and decide what colors are going to go on each of the areas of the bulb that are clear. With a toothpick, I end up swabbing the colors I selected and poured into those areas. (A toothpick is used so no bubbles are present in the paint mixture.) This is time consuming, but well worth the effort.

After everything dries, I add a ribbon up at the top of the ornament, and put it away to give as a gift to someone special. The ornament not only looks elegant, but when held, feels like a real stained-glass bulb. The weight of the paint, beads and fake pewter give the illusion your creation is true stained glass, and will amaze the receiver of the gift with the elegant beauty on the tree.

The ideas with this is tremendous. You can use your own imagination on the Christmas bulbs aas well. Something that's interesting to do is printing up photos on canvas paper, and gluing them on the front. Use the pewter to border the outside of the picture, and then use your imagination on a design to compliment the picture. Using a color scheme really enhances the product, and if you are using a picture, just pick out the three colors which stand out most in your mind. Use those colors to enhance the designs you created using the pewter material.

Another idea for when the pewter material is still wet, is sprinkling the bulb with shiny material, like glitter for instance. Shiny confetti can also work wonders.

These artsy bulbs do not have to be Christmas related. You can get items to go with other types of parties or holidays as well. Making keepsake bulbs is a wonderful way to show you care.

You just create themes for those other times you would like to create some of these stainglass bulbs. You can buy 'it's a boy' or 'it's a girl" confetti just about anywhere. Colored paints to go with the theme of boy or girl will enhance the creation. Miniature trinkets can work well with dressing up the bulb where it will hang.

You can often find more used bulbs at the thirft shops in your areas. These are great places to find trinkets for your art work. I believe fully in recycling what is out there already to create spectacular gifts. Of course, there are those moments when you just have to make some purchases, but as a general rule, what makes this gift special is not the money put into it, but the thought you put into it. The thought alone makes it look like a very expensive item.

When you do give your gifts to people, just about the only real expense would be the box and tissue paper you purchase to bring it to the person you made it for. Remember, this bulb is heavier now, but is not any less fragile than it was when you started with it. You will need to have a safe way to transport your work of art. As well as offer a safe place for the people to store their gift.

These creativities don't just work great as gifts. They work great as money makers, or in your own collection too! They are good for just about any type of gift you can need, and you can work on them all year long. It's a great hobby, and a wonderful way to show off your creativity.

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