Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lock Auto Focus On The Subject

by Max Ng

Everyone should know what is a Shutter-release button. When the button is fully pressed, the camera will release the shutter and take a photo.

What so special about this Shutter-release button? It is related to how a compact digital camera performs auto focusing on a subject.

Have you ever wonder how does a compact digital camera know which subject you are trying to focus on to take a photo? The truth is the camera does not know, as it cannot read your mind. It simply follows a set of rules to try to guess the subject you are trying to focus on to take a photo.

When a Shutter-release is pressed halfway, the compact digital camera will automatically selects the subject closest to the focus area of camera for focusing.

What is the focus area? It is usually a marking such as [ ] shown on the LCD screen of the compact digital camera to indicate where the subject should be position for auto focusing. It is usually on the center of the LCD screen.

What this feature means to me? Well, if I want to take a photo of a person with beautiful scenery as the background. I may do this:

1)Aim the camera with the focus area on that person and press the Shutter-release button halfway for the camera to auto focus on the person.

2)While the holding the Shutter-release button halfway, I shift the camera a bit so that the person is now at the side of the photo and pressed the Shutter-release button completely.

What I am trying to achieve here is that the compact digital camera will not end up trying to focus on the scenery since the auto focus is locked on the person while I am still holding the Shutter-release button halfway.

If I have just simply positioned the camera with the person at the side and press the Shutter-release button, what will happen is that the camera will auto focus on the scenery when the Shutter-release button is pressed halfway and shoot the photo when it is fully pressed.

In other words, the person may not appear sharp on the photo since the person is not the subject of auto focus.

What I have shown you is just an example of how to make use of the auto focus feature of the camera to your advantage. Try it out and see for yourself.

In short, the simple idea that I will like to share with you is:

Lock the auto focus on the subject before shooting.

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