Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Decorating Egg Shells

The oval shape of eggs makes it an exquisite and unique decoration that can be placed anywhere in your home according to your own ideas. I suggest that you use empty egg shells to make deco items. You can still decorate hard cooked eggs but remember to use non-toxic art supplies and keep it simple as you will be eating it later but since the focus here is to make deco items for the home empty egg shells is what we should use.

There is no need to purchase expensive art supplies to decorate your eggs shells; you can use the things around you to decorate. You can use items from your kitchen, garden, sewing kits, stationery and food stuffs. The eggs shells should be dyed first according to your favorite color. You can use food colorings, egg dyes or natural dye. Natural dye can be made from food stuffs such as fruits and spices.

Natural dyes will not give the eggs that glossy look or finish but you can gently rub some mineral or cooking oil to obtain a sheen look. You need to empty the contents of the egg by making a small hole at the small end of the egg and make a larger hole at the larger end of the egg. You should use a sterilized long needle or small skewer to make a hole in the egg shell. The raw egg can be used to make quiche, bread, scrambled eggs or whatever you like.

Rinse the egg shell and leave it to dry on a carton or near the window sill. The holes in the egg shell can be covered by melted wax or use tissue paper with white glue. Get a bowl that is deep enough with water warmer than the egg, add in few drops of desired coloring and immerse the egg shell into the liquid. Leave the shell in the bowl until you obtain the desired color. If you feel dying the eggs is such a hassle, just paint it with acrylic paint or use spray paint.

After painting crayon, felt tipped pen and markers are excellent tools to use to draw funny faces on the painted shell. If the funny face is completed, apply some glue on the top of the egg. Place the shell over a newspaper and sprinkle some black colored glitter on the glued part to form the hair of the face. You just need to be creative to make a funny family collection. Change the color of the hair according to your preferences or if you want a groovy family. Arrange your funny egg family collection in your kitchen, bookshelf or nursery. The children will love it and it will cheer you up after a long tired day at work.

Since Christmas is around the corner, you might want to be prepared with some lovely ornaments for the Christmas tree. In order to make simple ornaments, take the dyed eggs, apply white glue over it and roll the eggshells over glitter. Keep rolling the egg until it is all covered with glitter. Gently shake of the excess glitter from the shells and there we have our shiny glittering balls for the tree. If you would prefer a white Christmas tree dye the eggs red and cover them with red glitter. The glittering red balls will look superb on your tree.

Ribbons, lace, braid, rickrack are some of the sewing stuff that you can use to decorate the eggs. All you need to do is apply clear drying non-toxic white glue to the eggs. Than paste the ribbon, lace or braid in rows or randomly. Outline the type of pattern you desire on the egg with a pencil and stick the lace according. My favorite is decorating gold colored eggs with red lace or green eggs with red ribbon.

Kitchen items that can be used to decorate the eggs are dry uncooked rice like white rice, brown rice and wild rice. Small pasta shapes, spices such as cloves, star anise, cinnamon and all types of beans can also be used. Use a small brush to apply the white glue or squeeze the glue directly onto the egg. Arrange and glue the rice on the eggs by using a tweezers to form flowers, star, circles or leaf shapes. You can also dye the rice to get a more colorful looking egg.

Examples of some of the beans that can be used are green beans, red beans, black beans, kidney beans and navy beans to decorate the eggs. Apply the white glue on the egg; use the tweezers to glue the beans on the egg. Glue two or three different types of beans and spices to make unique patterns on the egg. I used to make tiger eggs by first gluing the dhal followed by the black beans row by row. The end product is you get an egg that is similar to the stripes of a tiger.

Used and unwanted stamps, crepe paper and newspaper are art supplies that can be used to decorate the eggs. You will be able to recycle the paper and obtain a wonderful craft out of it at the same time. Cover the egg with the white glue, glue the stamps one by one on the egg until it is fully covered with the stamps. Once completed it will like a quilt that was sewn onto the egg. Please note that an important tip to follow is that after decorating the egg with the beans, rice and stamps always remember to apply one to two coating of clear pearl nail polish to keep the egg intact and give it that shiny finish.

These are just a few decorating ideas but if you are creative, you too will be able to come up with your own designs. Decorating eggshells would be more fun to do as a family especially if the kids also join in.

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