Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Creating Your Own Accent Pillows

Pillows, without them, a beautifully decorated room is not quite complete. Pillows are a great way to accent an existing color palette or to introduce new color tones to your design. They can be used to bring together tones and different textures that are spread throughout a room. They can be used to covert conflict into agreement. The solution to most decorating problems may be as simple as adding a few color-matched throw pillows. For a minor amount of time and money, throw pillows can lift the spirit of a drab decor and change the entire
atmosphere of a room. The selection and use of bright colors can give any room an immediate and a noticeable change and uplifting feel.

If you are not a stranger to a sewing machine and have basic sewing skills then making pillows should be a fun project.
You can make pillows in any size and shape desired. They can be made durable enough to withstand the definite abuse from children's pillow fights and every day wear and tear or design them from fabrics so fragile that they would be used for show only. Something so simple can offer so many decorating possibilities. They can be made plain or fancy, large or small, stuffed with fibers, foam, or feathers, in almost any fabric you desire. The potential is only limited to your imagination.

When making your pillows consider how they will be used, are they for display, or will they be getting a lot of wear and use on a daily basis. Pillows that will be used in a family area should be made of durable fabric but should also be comfortable and washable. Closures that are convenient for easy removal. And pillows with that special softness for those leisure naps. Trims such as lace and other high maintenance details should be used on pillows that are for show only. Other embellishments like tassels and braids may not be a good idea for the family room but elegantly at home in a formal living room or bed room.

Before starting a pillow project, consider the size of the piece of furniture the pillow is to be used on. Don't make a pillow that's so large that it overpowers the furniture piece, or so small it’s not noticeable on the furniture. Keep in mind the scale of the desired fabric. Small prints are suited for almost any shape or size pillow. Some large prints are not entirely adaptable.%2

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