Saturday, November 25, 2006

Advanced Shooters

Point and shoot cameras have never been the same since the invention of internet, cell phones, ipods and other wireless connections. We are in the newest trend of versatility, technology and style where connection to internet is endless. This trend have mastered and applied to various electronic mediums and sophisticated cameras have no choice but to follow this smart technology. These features are larger LCD's for satisfied viewing experience, compact ability that promises durability as well as anti-shake protection and recently Bluetooth or wi-fi access. Smart idea, isn't it. If you can picture from your cell phones and without wire transfer JPEG document to computer that so easy as a push of a button so are these impressive cameras.
But wait, before indulging into window shopping to upgrade your point and shoot cameras. Think of the features that do give satisfaction of having one of these aside from looking on its prices. These are the brands and their excellent features.

Large Screens

Nikon Coolpix S6 and Kodak Easy Share V610 and Casio EX-Z600 has large screens almost occupying three-fourths of the total size of the size of the camera having crisp detail as to the picture itself. Whenever you have difficulty in visualizing the full picture then these two smart cameras are just right for you. Although too much power usage means power drain. Among the top cameras who showed high performance during the actual test does ultimately has its own disadvantage. It cannot deliver power for lasting picture taking however Casio EX-Z600 delivered the most among them. Picture shots ranges from 150-200 images only but with Casio it can double the image captured with a guaranteed 500 shots. Casio Exilim EX-Z600 has also zoom selector although inconvenient for large fingers due the small button that it has.

Avoiding blurred shots

Another feature in cameras preventing images from blurring as its electronic processing that can adjust to different light exposures. Camera owners especially those who are not professional do not recognize techniques as to how pictures are well photographed in different types of light exposures. In this kind of demand of quality images the Fujifilm finepix F30 gave the outstanding rating compared to other cameras and followed by Olympus Styles 720 SW. Before busying a camera, better ask for ISO rating because the higher the rate is also light sensitive and adjustable feature. Fujifilm Finepix F30 produces accurate exposures adjusting to varieties of lighting situations. It also has 3x zooming capability. It also has xD-Picture card different from commonly used SD media card.

Bluetooth or Wi-fi to send photos

Just think of the convenience it gives if your camera has Bluetooth or wi-fi connectivitiy since sending it is as good as wireless. No more memory flash drives and cable connections. This is one advantage of Nikon Coolpix S6 and Kodak easyshare V610 can do the job without any fuzz, so by sending whether to your cellphone or computer is very much possible. Nikon Coolpix S6 is in pocket size and can transfer picture to laptop via wi-fi within 32 seconds.

Stitching Photos

Since cameras has capability of integrating pictures as one so you need a photoshop or coreldraw or any software that can crop, copy and paste. But with HP Photosmart R927 and Kodak V610 can do all the stitching but both has different capability as to the number of photos being stitched. HP Photosmart R927 is made of a durable metal body making it antishake technology and stitching feature that can combine 5 pictures into one view without overlapping.

Perspective Correction

With the point and shoot camera, we cannot avoid to take pictures in angles that give awkward view in picture output. This perspective correction feature just allows the picture to adjust as though you are taking a shot straight on from an odd angle. The casio Exilim Z600 can do this unique feature plus a superior battery life.

Design and Grip

Consider the style of the camera as far as it compliments to your taste and making sure that what it guarantees is what it can deliver. Fashion wise, cameras are considered as accessories just like cell phones. Keep away from fancy cameras that in the end does not compliment to the style having a poor performance.

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