Monday, October 02, 2006

Six Great Gift Ideas For A Favorite Scrapbooker

Some people are incredibly easy to shop for; you might buy a football mug for the sports lover, or a designer shirt for the clothing connoisseur, and call it a day. Unfortunately, some people have likes and interests that aren't so easy to shop for, such as anyone in your life who may love scrapbooking. If you're not crafty yourself, you may have no idea what to buy them that won't be neglected as soon as the wrapping paper is set aside. So, what are some gift ideas for the scrapbook enthusiast that won't put a hole in your wallet and leave you feeling like the worst shopper on the planet?

(1) Paper. To buy supplies, you will have to know fairly well what kinds of scrapbooking items the person in question uses. If you happen to know that someone enjoys making scrapbooks for the cold months, you could go out and buy all the autumn, leaf, and winter papers in the craft store. The only problem here is that you don't know what papers he or she already has, and you don't want to duplicate. Also, there are different paper sizes. The most common sizes are 8x11 and 12x12, so make sure to find out which is appropriate. You can also hand-make paper for a special gift; this way you will be assured that the recipient of your gift has nothing like it!

(2) Stickers. This is a gift idea that is really fun to pick out! Find out what kind of stickers your scrapbooker likes; if flowers are a favorite, you can find many different kinds of flower stickers, rub-ons, and appliques in most arts and crafts stores. Choose a bunch of flower packs, and maybe some special sheets of your own choice that you think will be appreciated. Make sure the stickers are acid free, because if not, they can corrupt scrapbook pages over time. If you're not sure which stickers to buy, take a seasoned scrapbooker with you who can help you pick out the appropriate items.

(3) Other supplies. Buy a selection of frames, borders, stickers, paper, punches, rivets, and other small scrapbook items and scatter them randomly into one big package or a bunch of different ones. Each new thing she opens will be a surprise. Again, you might want to see what materials aren't needed so you don't duplicate. At some stores you can get colorful sets of scrapbook scissors that each cut in a different pattern. You can buy kits that already have everything in them to make a page. I wouldn't suggest buying a scrapbook itself because people all have a personal preference for this. If you heard he or she say what kind of book would be preferred, however, go for it. You can buy rub-ons to decorate blank covers, or even use stickers for this purpose.

(4) Magazines. Scrapbook magazines are always a great choice . . . bundle a few different magazines together for a huge collection full of layout ideas. All the person has to do is open the cover to see suggestions for her next scrapbooking venture. You could also buy a subscription to a certain magazine; these make terrific gifts.

(5) Storage. There are really intricate storage systems for scrapbook supplies these days; crates, filing cabinets, pouches, and shelves are just some ideas. If you see that your scrapbooking friend has all her supplies out in the open and always acts frustrated that nothing is organized and everything is hard to find, consider something like this. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, and if you can't find items like this in the craft store, many scrapbooking and craft websites will have suggestions.

(6) A gift certificate. If you have no idea what kinds of paper, stickers, etc. are needed and don't want to buy a gift that won't be used, a gift certificate to a craft store in the person's area is a wonderful idea. That way, he or she can pick out personal items and you won't have to worry about choosing the right things. Find out where gift certificates are offered, how much you want to spend, and how often the person goes to the craft store you were planning to choose. Remember that the sky is the limit when it comes to shopping for a trendy scrapbooker!

By Lacie R. Schaeffer

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