Monday, October 30, 2006

Productive hobbies

What is the best thing to make the most of your time? Then of course, doing the things you really like. Sometimes we lost the idea of what we really like and instead of waiting for the day or just waiting for anyone to invite use. Then it should be the time to indulge to things making us productive.

In creating a dull day to something spontaneous and useful, we must consider four things; time, space, resources and the sense of self. What we needed to do and how should we do it.

Most of the time, we indulge into writing or reading as a kind of hobby to ease our day. We sometimes make it a routine. However, the question now, is it something you really need? Is it something necessary or perhaps do you feel satisfied doing? Sometimes we have some extra curricular activities that add up to our loads of responsibilities. In the end, we do not find it fulfilling instead make us tired.

Hobby creates a routine in us just like a clock it always points to what the time is. This should not be a case or else we are not far from becoming a clock or a machine or mechanism. Hobby must be done out of what we want and needed to do that can makes us happy in the end. Here are some guides to make the most of your time.
We have defined hobby as recreation for self-satisfaction and making one useful. Then we must also find other hobbies that are not conventional. Most hobbies were reading, writing, stitching, painting and other related things. Nevertheless, some other hobbies can be productive also.

Instead of rushing into the mall of buying groceries, sometimes we do not take time to make it pleasurable. It is by going to grocery not as an impulse buyer but someone who thinks is best for the budget. This kind of hobby in grocery buying is different from we often feel when we are inside the mall. We sometimes forgot to take the list we necessarily need. Having grocery buying as a hobby creates a feeling to plan, budget and take time in choosing for the right quality of the product. It even makes window-shopping pleasurable because we eliminate the feeling of impulse buying.

Here are some tips as to how grocery buying can be a hobby. Check the items that should be in the list and do your grocery early in the morning. In this way, you avoid traffic both on vehicle and on people. It is also convenient since you can choose the best items; check their freshness and the price. What is advantageous of grocery buying as a hobby makes you a smart buyer. Smart buyers always know when most stores on sale, giving out discounts, know what season where prices are high or low and even when the stocks are around. It is for the reason that they take the time to talk to the sales clerks. These people can give you information that you needed since they know when the stocks or items purchased, delivered, displayed and even discounted. For example, when is the right time to buy school supplies, Christmas decor, holiday sales, fresh vegetables and meats and even when the bread is, hot.

Another hobby that you can make most is handling your money. To handle your money is not just about budgeting but it also includes how to transact your money in different financial institution. To handle is to manage properly and making it as a hobby can either increase or decrease your financial status. What is advantageous of handling your money as a hobby is that it will make you conscious as to where your money comes and goes. You will realize on how to organize your bank accounts, withdrawal slips, encode your earnings and monitor your finances. It can include as to the proper ways of transacting business in your own bank. It can then affect as to how you transact your ATM card, Credit cards and passbooks. You will become you own financial manager or your own bookkeeper. You will then realize when is the right time to transact business from ATMs, Banks and even purchases done on the internet. Handling money as a hobby is satisfying since it will excite you in the business world and even indulge yourself into investing.

The third hobby you can have is getting fit. Remember the time you realize that you are getting bigger and bigger yet you always forget of exercising. This is because we do not take exercising as a hobby. It must be made pleasurable in order for you to continually doing it even if you do not consider it as an exercise. Exercise is not merely losing weight it is a healthy lifestyle. Exercise as a hobby creates a conscious effort to eat the healthy meal at the right time, taking a walk instead of an elevator and keeping you from smoking and drinking. In this way, your simple hobby of getting fit does not only make a healthy lifestyle but fulfilling as well.
One expensive hobby one can make is traveling. However, one can still travel like his own dream out of town tour. Remember the time you once traveled and somehow you worried about expenses and sometimes some bagged worries you have left behind. This kind of worries will not make you traveling as pleasurable as possible. Therefore, if you are thinking of traveling as a hobby be smart in purchasing whether airline tickets, land transport, or having your own car with you. Try to check airline tickets during off-peak season and months wherein most establishments offer affordable rates. In this way, you can travel with lots of discounts.

Some hobbies really are expensive like a collection of cars, or a car for show-off. Then the deal is to lessen the amount you are paying or have a discount just by looking into small details of having it in the minimum amount. If you want a brand new car in its latest model, talk to the dealer and have it reserve for you. Mostly the first 100 units do have imported parts. If not, buy a car that is in the end of the year, most dealers negotiate that are advantageous to you. This is for the reason that they need to release all the old stocks. Good referrals from friends do make good deals. If you are thinking of selling your car, try to have it sold after the manufacturer's warranty has expired and the model is still on high price.
Lastly, the hobby of rejuvenation is different from being vain. It is important to keep our skin healthy, looking healthy and presentable to everyone even to ourselves. If we continually have this kind of hobby, we avoid going to dermatologist for mass reconstruction or modification of our skin. We will try to learn even home remedies and be conscious to how our face looks.

As they say, hobby can also depend in timing. If you think your hobby is best for this season, then go for it. As long as it makes you enjoy doing it and it is productive.

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