Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Resume Writing Hobby

A resume is a synopsis of what you have to offer. It should include what you have done. What you know, and who you are. It is easy to say what you want to go on your resume, but its harder to actually take it from your mind and plop it on a piece of paper, making it nice and presentable. You have to make sure that the meat and muscles and facts and figures are all present with out overfilling it with useless junk.

My hobby of the past few years is to make this process as harmless as possible. I have helped many friends and family gain new employment just by making their resume look more presentable. I hope that after you read this short quip, my hobby in resume writing will help you gain the employment that you need without any unneeded hassle.

Before I start, the first thing you must know is your audience. Whom are you writing the resume for? You need to know all about the person or position that is doing the hiring and know as much as you can about the company. You want to play up your experience, training and education so that it suits your potential employer, without telling a lie.

After you have researched the firm that you will be applying to and the department to which you would like to send your resume, you must now choose the type of resume that you would like to create. There are three basic styles of resumes: chronological, functional and creative. Choose the style that will accentuate your abilities the most without over simplifying your best qualities while keeping in consideration your targeted audience.. While you are choosing your favorite style, you should keep in mind that there is not a correct or incorrect style of resume. The following is a brief description as to how to put together each type of aforementioned resume.

The chronological resume is the most traditional style of the three. It uses time sequence to list work experiences and education. It usually appears in reverse order, beginning with the most recent.

The functional resume is the style that focuses on how capable you are and accentuates the skills that you have assessed. Usually, this style of resume style lists the aforementioned attributes by areas and may or may not include dates that the skills were obtained.

The creative resume is a free-form style and can be extremely effective in displaying your skills and capabilities, especially if you are an artist, writer, actor, public relation personnel or a person in the media.

Once you have isolated your audience and chosen, which style of resume you would like to create, the next step is to ponder the content that you would like to place on your resume. The type information that you think about would greatly depend on the style of resume that you have chosen and your audience that you are trying to reach, but you should follow these general guidelines when thinking about the content.

First you are going to want to make an inventory of your personal information, accentuating all of your skills, strong points, and abilities.

Secondly, you are going to want select seven of your strongest general skills and then translate them into technical abilities that have measurable results as an outcome.

Thirdly, before you start creating your document, you should factor into your skill statements those things that express your personal characteristics and select seven of those that best describe you.

Fourthly, List your accomplishments in the most powerful way.

Next, include any pertinent special interests areas.

After this is completed, you are going to want to list the last four jobs that you have held, starting with the most recent. Make sure that you focus on how the results you have listed relate to your career future.

When doing all of this you are going to make sure that you do not exaggerate. Distorting facts, embellishing or lying is frowned upon and could coast you the position. It is not worth the trouble.

Once all the aforementioned steps are completed, it is now time to place what you have listed into the style that you have selected in the beginning of this exercise. Once completed check you final draft, send it off and hope for the best.

I hope that this help you find the job of your dream.

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