Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Halloween Scrapbooking Fun

By Christina VanGinkel

The fun of scrapbooking is the chance to document some of what life brings you, so sometime in the future, be it tomorrow or years from now, you or your descendants can look through the pages that you created and catch a glimpse of what life was all about for you. Creating scrapbook pages about the holidays that you celebrate only make sense when you look at it this way. What better times of the year than during celebrations to see what the real you and your family are all about. Halloween can provide a glimpse at the neighborhood you lived in, and the neighbors themselves. People who are often camera shy often lose all sense of timidity when they are decked out in Halloween garb or makeup, making it the perfect time to snap a few photos of those people who have avoided having their pictures taken for inclusion in your scrapbook pages up until now.

Yes, jobs and other everyday situations are important and interesting to scrap, but a holiday can give a person permission to really let their hair hang down, to let loose, to show the true them. Halloween is the ideal holiday for just such expressions. With this in mind, I have assembled a few ideas for you to browse, suggestions on photo opportunities and journaling ideas that you will not want to miss on this most revealing of holidays. I have also included a source for paper and stickers with a Halloween theme at the end of this blog, to help you scrap whatever photos and journaling you do end up with in true Halloween style!

Snap some photos of family members in their costumes. Document how the costumes were chosen. Were they hand me downs, chosen at random because that was all that was left on the rack by the time you made it to the store, or were they labored over in the sewing room for weeks before the big day. If you can, snap a few photos of a costume in the creation phase.

Head outside and take a few photos if you are the sort to decorate the outside of the house for Halloween. If you have small children who Trick or Treat, accompany them with camera, and take some very candid shots of them as they go door to door around the neighborhood. If you attend a haunted house or other Halloween extravaganza, be sure to document that too. An old-fashioned apple dunk is always a great opportunity for some one of a kind photographs.

Cornstalk mazes and pumpkin patches are popular places to visit during the fall and can provide you great backdrops for your Halloween photo sessions. Sticking a small child, or even an older one, out in the middle of a pile of pumpkins can result in some great pictures.

If your kids are in school and they bring home an invitation for a school function that involves anything Halloween related, consider going. Maybe a bake sale with pumpkin and witch cookies, or a parade around the school on the big day itself, with all the kids dressed up in their trick or treating outfits or even a haunted house put on by some of the higher up grades. All of these might present you with the perfect photo opportunities.

If you are not big on any of the traditional festivities so often associated with the holiday, then capture whatever it is you do on the day. Maybe you rent a few scary movies, invite a couple of friends over, and order in pizza, or you sit home and pass out candy to all the neighborhood kids. Snap a photo of the movie box or the television picture itself, or a snapshot of the big bowl of candy before Trick or Treating starts, and one after the end of the evening when it is as empty as can be.

Scrapbooking Halloween is by far one of my favorite days of the year to remember, with prospects literally behind every door and in every Boo or Trick or Treat, I hear. Be sure to check out some of the newest Halloween themed papers and stickers available this year by in the newest Sticker Planet catalog. They have an assortment of Halloween themes including Suzy's Zoo Halloween Fun Paper Collection, Halloween Witch Fright Night Papers and Brads, Halloween Phrases Stickers, Sandylion Halloween Papers, and many more.

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