Saturday, October 28, 2006

Benefits of Reading Magazines

Every woman will eventually lose her freedom once she has settled down with a family. Even if you do have a spouse that is so understanding you will still have duties to fulfil as a wife and as a mother. You start your day in the morning with a sparkling smile and at the end of the day you are just worn out and before you now it the day is over. Sometimes you feel totally ignorant to the changes around you, like the latest handbag or lipstick in the market. Although you could surf the net or watch a fashion show but after a long day I am sure you do not want to be stuck in front of your computer or television.

This is where I feel a magazine comes in handy as it an excellent source of information that will be able to put you on track with the latest news and updates, whether it is about fashion, celebrities, entertainment or about your intimate life. Magazines are attractive to look at with its impressive colorful cover page that will cheer you up after a long day. It is compact and is your complete guide for better living. All you need to do is lay back and enjoy reading your magazine with a nice hot cup of tea.

My favorite magazine is The Malaysian Womens Weekly and I always make it a point to purchase it every month without fail. As a working mother of two highly active kids most of the time I just want to hit the sack but since the magazine is such a good read, I spare a few minutes reading or just browsing through it. It helps me to relax and unwind myself just before going to bed.

In my opinion the magazine is a must have item especially for married women as it will definitely be helpful for them as it addresses important issues such as marital relationships, financial advises, health tips, career development and cooking. The magazine is broken into to four parts that is glamour and news, fashion and beauty, better living and you and your family. All these columns basically cover all that a woman needs to cope with her busy life.

If you go through the Fashion and Glamour sections you will come across Spy: Style, which highlights glamorous ladies usually celebrities whether local or abroad establishing fashion headlines worldwide. It usually features the celebrities and the fabulous gowns and accessories that they have donned on for a special occasion such as the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival, Grammy awards and the list goes on. This column is perfect if you want to impress the crowd at a party and it allows you to have the knowledge on how to utilize your accessories wisely, so go ahead and be a star for a day.

Spy: Scene gives you an insight into the latest stylish events happening in town like LancĂ´me Color Design Awards, Launch of the Royal Raffles Collection (pearls), Grease the Musical Party and so on. Spotlight; Celebrity, covers the lifestyle of Hollywood stars on issues such as celebrity mums, their favorite bling; gems, rings, bracelets, staying fit in luxury, latest products in the market and so on. Society Spotlight features the lifestyle and problems faced by the Malaysian women and how they overcame their obstacles, which is excellent to boost your confidence after a tiring day. There is also a column for Hot Gossip so you can get hot juicy news of stars and their private lives in a flash.

Moving on to the Fashion and Beauty section is where you will be able to obtain a complete guide to the latest fashion updates, cosmetics and skincare range. Free samples of products that are advertised in the magazine are provided giving you a chance to actually try out the product before purchasing it. The Beauty Bulletin offers beauty tips and treats to help you look your best even when you are having a bad day. Get to know the latest whitening skincare range in the market from its usage to its price allowing you to select a skincare that is suitable for your skin and your budget. Leading brands such as Biotherm, Christian Dior, Loreal, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder are featured in this column. The column also addresses common skin conditions that are experienced by Asian women like blackheads, pimples, and dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and probable solutions such as eye and mask treatments.

There is a star featured every month on the cover page of the magazine together with the exclusive interview attached into it. The stars share their lifestyle, secrets, career and future plans with the readers. If you want to look exactly like the star on the cover page all you need to do is head over to the Cover Style page. You will be able to obtain complete details of the attire worn together with the place of purchase and its price. There is also a complete account about the cosmetics used by the star to achieve that cover page look.

If you are bored to look at your same old face everyday in the morning be bold and have a hair cut. The magazine offers advice on the different styles of haircuts according to the shape of your face. Last week I took the magazine with me when I went for a haircut and followed the cover page look. It turned out so great that my husband was amazed about my new looks. You can also learn to style your hair yourself at the comfort of your home whether you want your hair to be long and wispy, bold and blunt or side –swept chic all you need to do is purchase the right tools such as creams, oil, sprays and serums.

Working women will find the Career wise column very helpful as it addresses the normal issues faced at work and provides excellent advise on how to excel in ones career. The information available in these column ranges from writing the best resume tips on how to excel in an interview, beating stress at work, choosing a right career and maintaining it.

If you feel uncomfortable to voice out your sexual problems to a doctor the magazine is a great alternative outlet that you can use to obtain advise for your sexual problems. A specialist doctor in this field will give advice and you can still maintain your privacy, as you do not have to state your name. The column Sex and you provides tips and advice that will help you to maintain a happy and healthy sexual life with your spouse.

Valuable advise on parenting can be obtained in the smart parenting column that features interesting topics and its solutions such as potty training, preventing the usage of pacifiers, keeping viruses at bay, dental mistakes to avoid, breast feeding and pregnancy issues. This column is a haven for all mothers as they can share their views and get solutions to their problems at the same time.

My favorite column in the whole magazine is the Real Life Drama column depicting true stories of women and their hidden secrets that they cannot share with anyone else. It gives you a bigger picture to life when you realize that you might not be that unlucky as the person in the story. It makes you want to appreciate the life that you have.

The better living column will aid you to vow your guests with delicious recipes from renowned chefs and stylish table decors to brighten up the atmosphere. Food ID is about the flavors and spices that will spice up your cooking, while cookery school provides you with instructions to improve your cooking. There are also a number of recipes featured together with healthy cooking ideas to follow.

Make sure to take a peek at the 5 minutes expert page that has fast facts that will help you organize your day around the clock with no sweat at all. Get useful hints on how to maintain your jewelry, deodorizing the room, getting off stubborn stains from the Reader hints page. This will save your time as well as your money. Financial advise on managing your money, insurance and retirement plans is discussed in the magazine which is important as each individual needs to be aware of the financial needs in the family.

Finally the magazine has so many prizes and giveaways to offer. All you have to do is participate in the contest that can be obtained inside the magazine. You need to answer the questions correctly and post it as soon as you can. Contests are interesting and fun to participate in and provide you an avenue to reveal your creativity.

Reading magazines is definitely beneficial as it addresses many issues and problems that is related with our daily life and is one of the ways we can use to update ourselves about the latest news and updates. Business, sports and medical magazines could also be an excellent read depending on the taste of the reader. It is an excellent way for you to express and share ideas with other magazine readers. Therefore if you lead a hectic life, magazines could be an alternative source of information that you can rely upon.

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