Monday, September 25, 2006

The World Of Books

Early in my life books were a key to another world

I can remember one of the first books that I ever learned to read. It was a toddler's book chronicling the wonders and the woe's of the story, "The Three Little Pigs'. I don't remember my mother teaching me, but I am sure that she did, for it was well before I started kindergarten that I learned to read. Though my home life was nothing close to being that of most in third world countries, yet far from living as if I were born with a silver spoon in my mouth, this book was the first time that I was able to live outside of the present world.

This infatuation with turned into a hobby that has lasted through out my few decades of existence. I have come up with a few tips for the avid reader like myself.

Pick some thing you like.

Reading should be fun, not a chore. Some college students may think different about this. That could be because of a couple of different reason, most likely because most college students do not really know what they want to study and are taking classes just because they are there and not because they are interested in the subject.

But I digress.

You want to make sure that you enjoy the books that you choose to read. It will make the time you spend with your nose buried in the book go by much faster and much more enjoyable.

Keep the books you like

When you do find the books that you like, you want to make sure that you keep them. Don't just choose a book and keep it because it's THE book of the century. It does nothing for you if you do not want to read it. (I guess unless you are a collector of fine books).

Organize by fiction, non fiction, not the way they look

Once you start to get a good collections of novels, novellas, non-fiction text or short stories (all dependant on what you are interested in), you are going to want to display what you have decided to collect and to keep. Make sure you find a place that has low humidity, preferably a room or cabinet or shelf that is climate controlled. Once you have found the perfect place you are going to want to arrange you collection by subject, and not by the way that the book looks. That is so tacky. There is nothing worse than going into a person's personal library and seeing a book about traveling the canals of Italy next to I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings just because they look cute together because to the similarity of their outer coverings.

Limit borrowing to a select few

Once you have chosen the books that you want to keep and found an acceptable place where you can house all to this volumes of work, you are now ready to show off your collection. Dinner parties are great ways to show off the books that you have collected (not to mention a great reason to have a group of friends over and partake on jovial conversation). Though you want to show off your collected works and want to do it over conversation, mindless banter and food, beware that once you open your treasure trove of novels and other as sundries, there are going to be those who want to 'borrow' them. We all know that with most people, the word 'borrow' is an open invitation to take what they want without any notion of returning the item. If you do take the state of mind that generosity is the best policy, make sure that those to whom you lend your wares to are trustworthy and honorable. Better yet, make sure they are the type of borrowers that actually believe in returning an item.

Like I said in he beginning of this article, I was not born with a silver spoon lodged down my throat, but because of the love of my mother and my propensity to learn, the joy of reading has led me to love to hobby of collecting books that I love and has taught me that if ever I want to get away from this mundane world, all I have to do is open a good book.

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