Thursday, September 07, 2006

Scrapbooking Books

Last week I had my birthday and my husband taking to heart that the only thing of interest to me pretty much is scrapbooking decided to buy me some scrapbooking books. They are actually really great and they hardly cost anything. There is a website called that you can buy brand new and used books for really cheap. We bought four books for fifteen dollars. Try to do that in any book store chain and you will be sorely disappointed.

For those of you that scrapbook you know how irritating it can be when you are in the middle of a project and all of a sudden you can not think of anything to do. All your ideas are gone, you have nothing fresh and you just do not know what to do about it. Well, having some reference books is a really great idea. They are already helping me and I have not even gotten to putting them to good use yet.

I thought that I would share some of the neat ideas that I have seen since I have been going through these books. Maybe one of them will pop out to someone and they can make some good scrapbooking use out of it.

One of the books I got spends a whole chapter talking about using a color wheel. I do not know, maybe it just never occurred to me but I never thought about using a color wheel when I am scrapbooking. It shows you how to use a color wheel so that you can see how well different colors go together and how others do not. Then it gives you layout examples so that you can see the colors actually being used together. It will make you look at the colors you choose for your pages in a whole new way.

You can get books that are just full of nothing but layout examples. Layouts that other fellow scrapbookers have created that may help you put something together. I like pulling different ideas or color schemes from a few different ones and then making something new out of it. Also it shows you different types of topic ideas for your pages, things that you might not have necessarily thought of making a place for in you scrapbook, such as, emotions, dreams, horizons or insects.

Tags are one of my favorite ways to embellish a page. I just really love the look of them. I have always bought mine already cut and made for me but know that I have seen all the other possibilities there are in crafting your own tags I find the ones you buy in stores a little disappointing. One that I found really interesting is taking the cut out lid from a can of vegetables and using it as a tag. It isn't something that you see a lot and it is really easy to do. They make a really unique look for any page and you can decorate them in just about every way possible.

Another tag idea that I really liked was an embossed foil tag. You can write anything you want into them and then sand the surface of it to remove some of the color and it has really neat effect. They are fun looking and if you use silver embossing foil you can make them look like army tags.

My favorite kinds of layouts are animal layouts. Probably because I love taking pictures of my two dogs and scrapbooking them. I saw a really cute layout that featured a before and after type photo of their dog showing how much he had grown and then on a piece of vellum had a little list telling what his favorite and least favorite things are. I really like this idea because it gives you insight into the pets personality.

I really hope that some of those ideas were helpful. Maybe at some point in time they will help you out of a scrapers block. Just always try to remember that when it comes to scrapbooking that the options open to you are limitless and there is always something out there that you have not tried. Try to use every resource open to you to learn new techniques and to expand on your knowledge.

By Crystal Bowden

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