Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bored? Get a Hobby

By Brandi M. Seals

Now that football season is fast approaching, I figured it was time to give the ladies who despise football some ideas on how to spend their three hours of freedom from their husbands. Face it, once football season starts, most of us have husbands that are glued to the tube for at least three hours each Saturday and Sunday. You can kiss goodbye any weekend event you wanted to share with your husband, so you might as well find some way to spend that extra free time.

If you have young kids, that is great. They probably will not think it is uncool to spend time with mom yet. Make a play date with some of their friends or find an event you can go to together. Maybe see a kids-oriented play, pick up some books at the library, or take in a movie together. Enjoy this one-on-one time with the kids where you don't have to worry about cleaning the house, making dinner, or other activity. Make your kids your only priority for a couple of hours.

If you do not have kids in the home, perhaps it is time to find a hobby to fill your time. I am not suggesting you take up something time consuming like quilting, porcelain doll making, or any other activity that requires a huge time commitment. That is great if you have the time and the desire to do something like that. However, there are plenty of hobbies that take will not take up so much of your time and can provide a great source of entertainment when your husband is busy yelling for the Giants to catch that next pass.

Antiquing is a great way to spend your weekend. If you love to shop or otherwise just love to find a great bargain, antiquing may be something to look into. Find out in advance about up coming auctions in your area. Note the garage sales and be sure to drop by the flea market if your town has one.

You never know what you may find at one of these places, but it could be the perfect item to complete your vintage 1970s Barbie doll collection or an item that looks similar to something you saw appraised for several hundred dollars on the Antique Road Show. Keep in mind that an original copy of the Declaration of Independence was once found in the back of a framed piece of art that sold for $4 at a garage sale.

While you probably will not find items worth millions at your local garage sales, you could still score the perfect gift for yourself or someone you know. And, if you cannot get out one weekend, you can still hunt for treasures on EBay ( This online auction house offers pretty much anything you can imagine.

Knitting is easy to do, it really does not take as long as you would think to complete something and it can be a great way to fill the time. Start with something easy, like a scarf. Work on it when you are bored or knit as you listen to music or watch T.V. Before you know it, you will have completed your first project. And, hey homemade scarves make for great gifts.

Back in the day it was traditional to have a large meal on Sundays. If you want to find a way to spend your time, why not follow that tradition. Invite over friends and family and cook up a feast. But, do not let yourself get stuck in the kitchen alone. Have a friend or two help you prepare whatever you want. By cooking for others, it becomes more of a fun activity than a chore. Plus, you can try out all those crazy recipes you have always wondered if they would be good.

If you feel like getting active, want to get back into shape, or are otherwise trying to lose weight try to find a sport. You could join a softball league, go bowling with your gal pals, shoot some pool, or take up rollerblading. Really the list is endless. Pick whatever you like and give it a go. Keep in mind though that you are much more likely to stick with it if you do it with friends. So, recruit some pals and set a goal of jogging every Saturday or ice skating once a week when the ice rink is open.

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