Sunday, May 21, 2006

Encouraging your Child's Interest in the Hobby of Magic

By Christina VanGinkel

Performing magic is a hobby that all kids seem to take up at some time or another. Even very young children can put on a show of magic and intrigue that can be both entertaining for those in the audience, and a challenge for the little magician themselves, especially if they have the right tools to perform with, and a willing and captive audience to perform for.

With television shows highlighting magicians such as David Blaine so popular, it is easy to see what the current fascination with many youngsters is today. Thinking back through the decades, with magicians as far back as Houdini wooing the crowds with feats that seemed as improbable now as they did even then, it is actually a wonder that more kids do not take up the hobby in a more lasting element then they seem to do. Part of the problem might be the access they have to tricks and tools of the trade. When my one son was interested in learning even some simple magic tricks a few years ago, the only things we could find locally to help him delve into the world of magic tricks was a few card tricks and a book or two that did not go much further than the instructions that came with the decks of cards. Online though, we were able to find enough to both feed his curiosity, and help him perform a few tricks that amazed anyone willing to watch.

If you know of a child who has discovered what fun the hobby of magic can be, be sure to check out some of these places and products to help them fully explore the wonderfully entertaining hobby that magic and all it encompasses can be:

Murphy's Magic Supply online has so many tricks available to order, that even the most discriminating magic aficionado will be able to find lots of things to peak their interest. With a catalog of tricks, videos, DVD's, books, and more to order from, they will not be running out of things to order anytime soon. If anything, once they discover all that Murphy's Magic Supply has to offer, they may be hooked on magic for life.

David Blaine's website is necessary stop for any budding young magician. There, they will discover news and notes from the magician himself, past and upcoming events, be able to order posters, and just peruse some information about one of the most prominent figures in the world of magic today.

The Natural Science Merlin's Mystical Magic Set, which includes 175 tricks, is all encompassing enough to keep even the most involved young magician busy. This set, created by a professional magician, includes a magic wand. Along with easy to follow instructions to make pulling off the included feats of magic easily accomplished as long as the young magician is willing to take the time to learn how the illusions and tricks actually work. We found this set at, and at less than thirty dollars, it is a great bargain. is a great website that has a bit of everything. They have tricks available to order that are broken down into selections such as occasion, skill level, age group, and what the trick actually does. They also have a magic museum, which is detailed as exhibits of rare magician's props, magic posters, souvenirs, and magical memorabilia. You can spend hundreds of hours just perusing this all-inclusive site that has a bit of everything that has ever been recorded about the world of magic.

Ebay, the online auction house, which if you have spent anytime online looking for anything you already know about, is also a great place to find all sorts of interesting and useful magic related supplies, books, and more. The day I browsed Ebay, I typed in 'magic tricks', and came up with over 3400 matches, from dizzy dice to coin funnels, to vintage tricks and books.

If you have a youngster interested in the hobby of magic and are having a difficult time finding anything beyond the most basic supplies, check online for a wide selection of information and supplies sure to keep them happily practicing and honing their skills for a long time to come.

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