Monday, February 06, 2006

Quick Hobbies You Should Consider

Doing something for a hobby has a number of benefits. First you can select a "doing" hobby so that you are getting physical activity or are improving your dexterity by paying attention to the detail of your hobby-making. Second, you are involved in something that allows you to escape thinking about the problems you may have. You can leave an argument with your spouse, money worries, or a problem at work behind and work on your hobby. Finally with most hobbies you have something that you can show people. You have a reason to be proud. Even if you do something like sky-diving without any tangible products, you will have amazing stories and adventures while you are pursuing your hobby. Here are a few more physical hobbies that you should think about when selecting a hobby.

Gardening, although it is done to produce food and herbs for your family, is a hobby as well. There are different types of gardens you can start from a small herb garden planted in containers to a large-scale vegetable garden. Start out by doing some research and finding out if that hobby would interest you and how much time and money you have to invest.

If you like animals and have a fair amount of space, you can train or raise animals. There are some animals, like horses, that are raised for show, and you can get into this hobby if you have the room to keep the animal or the money to board him or her. There are other animals that are hobby-friendly as well. Some people train seeing-eye dogs and then hand them over to blindness societies to help other people. This hobby has the added benefit of allowing you to see someone else's needs met through your work. You also could consider becoming trained to care for wild animals that have been hurt. There are a number of pet hobbies you can take on; just get started looking for the right one for you!

Getting an aquarium is another hobby that you may enjoy. While other pets, such as cats and dogs, are great fun; they are a lot of work. You will come to think of them as family members, not hobbies. Fish are a little different. They do not make noises at you. They do not run to you when you come home (or away from you in the case of many finicky cats). You can get beautiful fish, play around with their environment, and enjoy watching them swim around.

Dancing is a hobby you could enjoy. You can learn to swing dance or do the salsa, waltz, tango, and a number of other dances. This hobby is one that will give you a great physical workout while you are having fun and will allow you to enjoy your hobby with other people. Start looking at local cultural centers for nationality-centered dancing and researching dance studios in your area.

The wilderness is a hobby extravaganza waiting to happen. If your family takes up camping, you can gain the advantage of a number of hobby interests for your family. For example, you can pan for gold in certain areas. You can take up hiking. If one of you is interested in diving, then that is something you can incorporate into your hobby. Cooking also is a hobby, so you can practice your wilderness cooking. You can fish and even hunt in some areas. These types of outdoor hobbies are great for teaching self-sufficiency and helping you to experience the joys of nature. There is also the opportunity just to sit back and relax while you are out camping. Any of these activities can translate into a lifelong love of the outdoors.

Art is another area for potential hobbyists. You can work on photography, sculpting, painting, and many other areas of art. You will need to invest a little more before you get started, and you may want to buy books or take classes to help you move in the right direction.

Hobbies are meant to get you involved in something larger than yourself. Just be sure that you look for a hobby that you really enjoy, not one that you convince yourself you should enjoy.

By Julia Mercer

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