Monday, February 27, 2006

Making Family Photo Cards

Family photo cards is one of the best ways to make use of all of those pictures that you have lying around. If you are going to make them, there are two options you have. You can select individual photographs of your children or scenes of your family and decide where to send them or you can pick one pictures (or take one specifically for the task) and send the same basic scene to everyone.

For this project, you will need to gather the pictures along with a craft scalpel or a small pair of scissors, some markers or other writing implements, and some decorative supplies. You will need to clear a fair-sized workspace for this project. You should put the cardboard-type paper that you have selected out flat. You can purchase matte (dull) or glossy (shiny) cards to use for this project. Matte cards do not look as good, but they are much easier to work with. The glossy cards look very professional but can be a little tough to maneuver.

Then you need to decide whether you want to put the picture on the front of the card or in the middle. Either way you need to begin with the part of the card that will not have the pictures. Go ahead and fold the card down the center. You should use a ruler to hold the card in place and fold the card over the ruler so that you get a straight-edged fold. Then you will need to decorate either the inside of the card or the front of the card with whatever saying or expression you would like to use on the cards.

Next you will take a pencil and get ready to mark the card. Lie the card out flat again. Put the picture down where you want it to go. You should use the pencil to trace lightly over the edges of the corners of the picture. Then you will remove the picture. Use the craft scalpel to make a small cut where the corner markers are.

If you are very worried about the corner cuts showing, then you can pick up some photo corners. These are neat little pieces of sticky tape that will stick near where the cuts are so that you will not be able to see them. Then you will want to put the picture into the card by inserting each corner into the slot you made for it.

Now the card is done. The only thing left for you to do is to decorate and address the envelope. You can decorate the back of the envelope with the same decorations you used for the card, or you can just put a little symbol on the back of the envelope. Either way you should make some type of continuous marking so that it all looks as if it goes together.

These cards are a perfect way to show someone that you are interested in providing a personalized card. It is a much more thoughtful option that even going to the store and searching for the perfect card. Instead of working on reading something that someone else will like, you will be creating your own saying.

Even if you are not good with poetry, you can make these cards. All you will need is to work on what you have to say. It can be a simple happy birthday-type message, or you can go with something elaborate. If you will be making these cards for the holidays, then you should allow yourself at least one entire afternoon to make the cards because it can be a time-consuming process. In that case, you probably want to have the same sayings on every card to make the process go more smoothly.

This card idea also works for birthdays, when you can send someone a very individualized message that even includes their photograph. Think of how wonderful it would be to open a card for your birthday and find that the person has included a very special card made by hand. This card will become a keepsake for everyone to whom you send it. Be sure that you take your time and make it great.

By Julia Mercer

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