Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting Started In Bead Working

Getting started in any hobby really is a matter of being sure that you stay organized as you begin the hobby. Bead working is no exception. In fact, because with bead working, you will be dealing with very small objects, it is vitally important that you keep them organized. Here is all you need to know to begin your bead working hobby.

You should start by making sure that this hobby is one you want to pursue. Visit your local craft store and pick up a bead working kit. You should be able to find one fairly cheaply. You will want to get a beginner level project, such as a small pair of earrings or a little bracelet. Then you should come home and work on this project. Be sure that you keep the instructions and everything that came with the kit.

Once you have decided to pursue bead working, you will need to do two things. The first is to look for a book on bead working. While you may think that it is odd to read about such as hands-on hobby, you will find that you should learn about the hobby. Find out about the possibilities that are out there for you. What can you do with the hobby? Can you turn it into a business? Can you give your products as gifts? What are the specialties within bead working? You should be able to find out all of this information from the books that you read. Be sure that you check out the author. She or he should have some experience as a bead worker and should be able to provide unique information.

The research part is something that you should continue as you learn more about bead working. Now, let us return to the instructions you saved from your first project. You did save them, right? Well, you will need to purchase a notebook. Get a small three-ring binder, and you can upgrade later if needed. Take the sheets of instruction from your first project. Copy them so that they are on full-sized sheets of paper. Write the name of the project at the top of the page and put it into the notebook.

Be sure that you keep up with your notebook as you go. You should keep up with it by putting everything together when you use it. Mark the projects as you do them. You eventually will have sections for different types of bead working, but for now, you just need to get the notebook started.

Once you have these basic organizational tools in place, you can get started with the hobby. Of course, you probably have been bead working while getting the research and notebook together, but now you can begin full force. Just remember to take notes and keep up with your instructions as you go. It really will benefit you later to keep all of this information together now.

When you know that you will be bead working for life, it is important to begin looking for a wholesaler. This process used to be much more difficult, but now you can do everything online. You will be able to plan out the projects you want to complete. Then you should work on getting the beads wholesale, particularly if you will be setting up at craft shows. You will get much better pricing and even should be able to find a wider selection of beads.

Never stop learning. That is the key to this type of hobby. You will need to be able to keep up with trends so that you will be able to provide something interesting and unique to your customers and to your friends and family. Bead working is interesting in that it is a hobby that can grow with you. There are simple and complex patterns out there for whatever mood strikes you, and you will find that bead working is something that everyone from toddler to the elderly can do because of the size of beads available. That means that this hobby definitely is a family-oriented one. You will be able to share it with your family members and get them in on the fun of bead working.

By Julia Mercer

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