Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Storage for your Scrapbook Supplies

By Christina VanGinkel

Anyone who has worked with crafts of any sort knows how supplies seem to grow overnight, with storage of their expanding girth of supplies oftentimes a problem. Scrapbook supplies can be a particular dilemma because of the array of various supplies. Unlike some crafts where you have one or two main items, scrap bookers have to deal with hundreds of different products in a variety of sizes and shapes, both in their tools and the consumables themselves.

They also face the problem of moveable storage if they go to crops and shows. I have found a few favorites and though I would share them here.

Dynamics Perfect Paper Stackable Paper Trays

The Dynamics Perfect Paper Stackable Paper Trays have a lipped edge so the papers you put in them, stay in them until you need them. They are stackable, as their name implies, so you can easily add trays as your paper supply expands. They come packaged ten to a time, so right out of the package you will be set to store quite an array of papers. They are sized large enough to store conveniently the popular twelve by twelve inch sheets of paper and cardstock that many scrap book enthusiasts' use.

All My Memories Tote-ally Cool on the Go Craft Bag

The All My Memories Tote-ally Cool on the Go Craft Bag, is made for convenient carrying of your supplies to crops and anywhere else, you might want to bring your things to scrap. It is made to both carry and allow you to access easily your supplies once you get to your destination. It has a neat little pull out drawer on the bottom to hold small embellishments and has several pockets to keep tools at the ready.

CraftLocker Ribbon Storage

If you love ribbon in your layouts, then some type of ribbon storage is a necessity. The CraftLocker Ribbon Storage is a great storage alternative, as it keeps all of your ribbon in sight and still provides easy access. The unit is built on a slight slant, so all the reels stay tipped forward, and ready to use. It has a convenient carry handle, so moving it around your scrapbook room or taking it along with you to crops is both doable and easy.

CraftLocker Accessories Storage

The CraftLocker Accessories Storage unit has five two-inch drawers and three one-inch drawers. The larger drawers are perfect storage for all sorts of tools and embellishments, while the shallower drawers are perfect for storing flatter items such as inkpads without having to dig them out from under other supplies. It also has a convenient handle on top for moving around your crafting space.

Craft Locker Croppin' Tote

Also from CraftLocker is their Craft Locker Croppin' Tote. It is the perfect tote to bring with you for short crops. It has a detachable zippered pouch, and numerous outside pockets that are spacious enough for tools and more. You also have room to carry a water bottle in a mesh pocket. My favorite thing about this tote is that it has a see though outside pocket where your 12x12 album of choice can be carried, allowing everyone to see the cover, making your tote recognizable to you and others when in a group situation. The window is acid free, so you have no worries about damaging any outside elements on the album.

Craft Keepers

Craft Keepers, in the popular 12x12 size, made of acid free, archival quality polypropylene, are a convenient envelope type storage that every scrap booker seems to start out storing their paper and embellishments in. They are inexpensive; they keep your supplies dust free and wrinkle free, and are convenient for tucking into larger storage packs. They have an easy to use button and loop closure, and besides storing random supplies in, they work great for storing individual pages in progress, by allowing you to keep all the supplies for the page you are working on in one convenient spot. Usually found for right around the two-dollar range, they are also much less expensive than other company's comparable products, meaning grabbing a few to keep your pages separated in is both smart and cost effective.

There are literally hundreds, even thousands of various storage options for your scrapbook supplies out there. These are just a small sampling. Consider your needs and how you plan to use the storage, either stationary or carry along, and you will soon be organized and have room to buy even more supplies!

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