Saturday, January 28, 2006

PhotoWorks Valentine's Cards and Gifts

By Christina VanGinkel

If you have not shopped PhotoWorks online lately, this upcoming Valentine's Day may be just the reason you need to. With digital cameras now all the rage and as common in many households as televisions, photographs are popping up in all sorts of ingenious ways, and PhotoWorks has stepped up to the plate in making sure we know and have access to many of these fun to do creative perks of instant access photography.

For Valentine's Day, they are offering personalized signature kid's packs of photo Valentines. These are fun to share with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and other relatives and friends. If they are in a small classroom, they also make very cute cards to exchange with classmates too! They allow your children, or the child inside each of us, to make this holiday a bit more personal than just a pack of duplicate cards that many kids so often use. Printed on a thick matte, premium greeting card paper, whomever they share these with will know that they really mean the sentiment that arrives with each one. While these are absolutely suitable for any age, with their four sayings, including 'friends', 'be mine', 'hey cutie', and 'I like you', Photo Works has taken into consideration that many of us adults like to get in on the sending out Valentine's craze. For us, they have also created a card that says quite simply, 'be mine' on the inside, with a simple heart element on the cover, along with tons of room to add your own romantic note, or to just leave as is in its simplistic beauty. The card is oversized and comes with matching envelope, so be sure to note if mailing, that it does require extra postage to get it delivered through the mail. Better yet, just consider it even more reason to deliver it in person to that one that you really love!

If you want to have a few more ideas to choose from on the card front, be sure to check out their Mosaic Kiss card. There is room on the front for two photos, along with a tiny pink square that innocently states the word 'kisses'. Add your own personalized note and this may be just the card to give this Valentine's Day to the one person that you really want to know just how much you care.
If you want to give a Valentine's Day gift to someone that speaks for than a card ever could, or along with a card, to show them just how much you treasure them, check out the imported leather photo clutch that Photo Works is currently offering. The standard clutch will hold twelve photos, but for $1.99 for each additional page, you can add pages up to a total of twenty, which is capable of holding 18 photographs. At 4 3/4" wide by 4 5/8" high, it is perfectly sized for the gift recipient to pop into their purse or briefcase to always have their loved one's photos close at hand. Available in a luxurious rich Passion Red color in keeping with Valentine's Day tradition, it is also available in Midnight Black for the outer clutch. The interior photo clutch itself is available several patterns including Black, Bubble, and Floral. The black appears to have a simple puzzle shape design. It would be a fun design for anyone, going with either outer clutch cover. The Bubble and the Floral are both somewhat feminine in design, but with all these choices, you are sure to pick just the perfect one for whomever you want to give one to. Once assembles, the bound photo book is kept together with an invisible magnetic closure, keeping the lines of the book uncluttered with extra snaps or straps. Stop by Photo Works online and a simple step through option will help you pick and choose the perfect combinations.

Every single time I think that I have done everything I can with my photographs, it seems like Photo Works steps up and offers one more ingenious idea, either for my own personal use, or for gift giving, such as these ideas detailed here. If you are looking for that something special to give this Valentine's Day, be sure to drop on buy and browse their unique selection of ideas and gifts.

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