Friday, January 27, 2006

The Amazing Rotary Tool

Written by James Fohl

Depending on what type of hobbyist you are, you probably have an extensive collection of tools that you use when ever you find yourself working with your hobbies. One tool that I find useful in many of my personal hobbies is a rotary tool.

A rotary tool, commonly referred to as a Dremel tool is a really nice tool for pretty much anyone who has a hobby to have. That is because a rotary tool can be used to do pretty much everything. I mean seriously, a rotary tool with the correct attachments can become an engraver, a polisher, a screwdriver, etc. The list can continue forever! Rotary tools really are universial tools, because they can accomplish so much for so little.

You can purchase a rotary tool in pretty much any store that has a hardware department, and depending on what brand and which features you are looking for, you can purchase one relatively cheap. Some stores even sell cheap rotary tool kits for ten dollars that include a one speed rotary tool, and enough accessories to keep the average hobbyist busy for years. More expensive models are also available from name brands such as Black & Decker, and of course Dremel that provide more power, and variable speed settings.

If you are just looking for a rotary tool to engrave some wooden crafts projects, or to polish some metel, than you won't have to spend more than twenty dollars for a corded rotary tool and the accessories that you need. It is important to note however that if you do not purchase a rotary tool that comes with accessories, than the accessories may be expensive if you purchase the Dremel brand. For example, just one Dremel accessory, such as an engraving bit can cost more than a complete 50 piece accessory kit from some unknown Chinese company. While you might think the Chinese kit may break easily, I have found that most of these cheap kits hold up fairly well when compared to the expensive Dremel brand accessories.

If you decide to go out and purchase a rotary tool, be sure to read over the documentation that comes with the tool and accessories, and if you have questions ask someone either at the store, or someone you know that knows a little about rotary tools. While rotary tools can be a lot of fun for hobbyists, they can also be a lot of pain when it comes to using the correct accessory to accomplish a specific task. For example, rotary tools come with a handful of engraving accessories. Each of the engraving tips are meant to be used on a different surface, or under different operating conditions. A newcomer to the world of rotary tools may think that all of the engraving tools are the same, and use a wood engraving bit to make an engravement on a metel plate. A lot of frustration can come about after a hobbyist spends countless hours on a project, and in the end messes the final details up because they failed to use the correct accessory with their rotary tool.

But don't let that get you down! Stuff like that will only occur if you go out and purchase a rotary tool, and just using it without reading the documentation over. Rotary tools are simple to use, and fun to use as well; they just require you to read over the documentation before you use them.

Before long, you will learn to use your rotary tool for your hobby's demands, as well as pretty much everything in your household. Hundreds, upon hundreds of different accessories exist that turn your simple rotary tool in to a huge collection of tools. As mentioned before, you can use a rotary tool as an electric screwdriver, as a drill, polisher, etc. The list goes on for miles!

You can also use a rotary tool to cut through various materials. With the correct bit accessories, a rotary tool can cut through metal, wood, and even glass. With this ability, new horizons can be opened up in your hobbies. From making little windows in your computer's case, to creating unique looking glass vases, rotary tools can literally help accomplish any task!

So the next time you are in the hardware store, think about purchasing a rotary tool. Not only will you find excellent use for it in your favorite hobbies, but you will also find great uses for the tool everywhere in your home!

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