Friday, November 18, 2005

Taking Excellent Pictures in Minnesota

Minnesota has two state nicknames and both of them speak of things of beauty. The state is called the North Star State and the Land of 10,000 Lakes. If you plan to take a photography related excursion to this state whose name means "sky tinted water" according to the Dakota Sioux, you will not be disappointed with the number of subjects for your pictures you will be able to find.

Sometime during your visit, if you should happen to pass through the capital city of St. Paul, snap some shots of the splendid Cathedral of Saint Paul. The building in Renaissance style rises more than three hundred feet above the city. If you want to get some pictures from the inside, be sure to check ahead for when the tours will be given. This is still a place of worship in operation, so of course you will not be taking pictures if you attend a Mass. Tours are given at other times for that activity.

If you want to take pictures of mummy of Egyptian origin or a Mississippi River towboat or even a dinosaur, the place to do that would be the Science Museum of Minnesota. This attraction, along with the Como Park Zoo are also found in the capital city.

One of the largest cities in Minnesota is Minneapolis. Stop by the Mercado Central with your camera. It is an outdoor market much like are very popular in Mexico. You will also be able to get some memorable shots at the "Chain of Lakes" paths. This is just one of many photo opportunities around Minnesota that involves the countless beautiful lakes in the state.

If your vacation happens to involve skiing during the cold months, (and make no mistake here, Minnesota gets VERY cold!) you will be able to take some incredible "winter scene" photographs if you visit Spirit Mountain near Duluth. Even if it isn't winter, Spirit Mountain is still worth a visit for some great hiking and non-winter picture shots. Each season on Spirit Mountain offers unique opportunities for the photographer.

If you didn't get as many animal photographs as you wanted to take at the zoo in St. Paul, the Lake Superior Zoo is found in Duluth. It is divided into different sections such as an outback, a savanna, polar regions, and so on. The Great Lakes Aquarium is nearby the zoo location, too.

The Forest History Center offers walking trails to follow and is actually a living history museum at various places on the trail. Costumed guides will most likely be glad to serve as photo subjects as they explain the work they are doing.

It isn't generally thought of as a destination for a photographer, but the gigantic Mall of America found in Bloomington has more than the 500+ stores. There is a theme park there and an aquarium with more than a million gallons of water. If that isn't enough, there is a LEGO center and an indoor stock car race track.

Since photographers also have to eat and unwind, there are numerous restaurants and night clubs found at the mall as well as movie theaters and a bowling alley.

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