Monday, August 08, 2005

Photography Along the I95 Corridor

If you are driving I95 from somewhere in the northeast to Florida, there are many places along the way to not only stretch but also to get some photography done as you are doing that stretching.

Starting in Virginia, you may want to get off the beaten path for a short distance and take a drive along the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I don't need to mention how spectacular the views are from here, and even from ground level you will get some magnificent shots of the mountains.

I95 will be taking you directly through the Richmond area so be sure to stop at some of the Civil War monuments and battlefield. Do your research ahead of time because there are many things to see and photograph around Richmond for history buffs.

Not too far away, and also Civil War related is the Fredericksburg / Spotsylvania / Chancellorsville / Wilderness area. Numerous battles took place in this area so if you have time for the stop, there are things like monuments and cannons to photograph and there is a visitor center. Be sure to walk behind the visitor center to see where Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson fell in May of 1863.

Between North and South Carolina, right at the border at a place called Dillon, S.C. be sure to stop at the place many I95 travelers stop for a rest and a smile. It is called Pedro's South of the Border and you will be able to get some novelty shots here. One example is the gigantic gorilla statue. He is wearing a tee shirt. This would be for a few fun shots, not necessarily serious photography, but everyone driving the corridor needs a break, and you will be able to grab food here, too, Mexican or all-American fare.

Don't even bother putting your camera away while driving through Georgia. It is one of my favorite views along I95 and you will be seeing some great opportunities to pull off to the exits for some great pictures. (That is very important, *DO* pull off only at safe places where you can step out in total safety or don't do it at all. I95 is generally very busy at all times, so I am certainly NOT suggesting you pull off of the interstate itself!)

In addition to swampland and many rivers, there are lovely views of marshes, etc. If you did not have a chance to stop for photos while driving through the state, take a little time to pull off at the Brunswick and Golden Isles exit. Brunswick itself has some great things to photograph including the ocean, and when you are traveling to the Golden Isles (St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, etc.) you will be seeing much marshland including the infamous Marshes of Glynn.

When I95 takes you into Florida, you can take exits for some excellent photo opportunities. These include St. Augustine (America's oldest city); Daytona Beach, and the Space Coast which includes NASA. Any of these places would make a tremendous stop for a day or two. Be sure to have plenty of film for your regular cameras or extra cards for the digital cameras for this road trip. Many of these places are fantastic for video if you are also using your camcorder.

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