Monday, August 29, 2005

Not Just another Photograph

By Christina VanGinkel

With all the talk about photo memory books and other gifts such as tote bags and aprons that could be personalized, I wondered what all else was available that I could have a photograph printed on for either my own use or as a gift. What I found surprised me greatly!

Notebooks, including lined and blank books, address books, baby books, and wedding planners, puzzles, stickers, a clipboard, and posters

Baby items such as bibs, diaper bags, and onesies

Boxer shorts, golf towels, pillow shams, pillowcases, wallets, placemats, neckties, scarves, sweatshirts, t-shirts, stadium blankets, throws, even a teddy bear in his own shirt that is decorated with your choice of photograph

Calendars, candy tins, coaster sets, frosted steins, clocks, boxes, mugs, glassware, playing cards, ornaments,

Dog collars, dog leashes, pet bowls

Stationary of all kinds, including postcards and envelopes

For the kids, I even found baseballs, soccer balls, and softballs

Mini flipbooks, which make ideal picture books for the youngest to the oldest member on your gift recipient list

Keep in mind the above items are only a sampling of what I found. There are quite a few more items available, depending on what store you are shopping. I found all of these at Snapfish online.

My son is an avid sports player, and the idea of being able to create for him his own personalized baseball or a poster to hang on his bedroom wall is actually exciting. I cannot think of how often he has said it would be cool to have a poster of his favorite snowboarding hill on his wall. I have some decent pictures I took of his favorite terrain park at the start of last season. I will have to look back through them and see if one is worthy of being blown up to poster size to adorn his wall with. With the upcoming school year, a personalized notebook or stickers would also be a cool idea.

For the perfect gift for a new mother to be, a baby album with a snapshot of the newborn gracing the album cover would be a definite favorite, as would a wedding planner with the intended couple. I cannot think of better way to keep the bride and groom to be focused on what the wedding is really about (them as a couple!), than for their snapshot in a loving moment on the cover of the planner.

The keepsake box could be adorned with a snapshot of a nursing home resident's loved ones for a reminder during those times when visitors are not present, as could the shams.

The puzzles open up all sorts of ideas where both kids and adults are concerned. They would be ideal for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, just about any gift-giving occasion, as long as the photograph is relevant.
In addition to all the gift ideas listed, photo albums and cards are always a great way to use your photographs. Send a greeting card decorated with a special photograph to share your favorite snapshots with those you hold near and dear.

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