Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Make Your Own Photo Poster

What better way to commemorate those precious moments than by making your own photo poster? With a little bit of hard work and time on your hands, anybody can make a photo poster poster that will last a lifetime. It's not that hard, and depending on how large it is, it won't take much time to set out and complete. You'll never know if you don't try, so, here are a few steps that you can modify as you go through to make photo posters for you and your family.

First and foremost, you need to determine what type of photo poster you'll need. Do you want to focus on one person in your family, your children, your entire family? What is the subject of your poster? If you don't have enough photos to actually make a poster, then, you might want to choose a different subject and focus; otherwise, you're going to be stuck with a half-finished project for your efforts. Once you narrow down what your subject will be, you can move on to the next step.

Next, you'll want to gather supplies to make the photo poster. Making a photo poster is quite simple once you have the right tools. You'll need glue sticks, several depending on how big you want to make the poster. You'll also want to cut a piece of thin cardboard that you can either salvage from a package or buy at an arts and crafts store, and cut it to the size you want. Make sure the cardboard is as thin as possible, that way when you use protective sheets to make sure it's safe from wear and tear, you'll be able to protect both sides. Scissors are a good tool to have by you, though you might find a box cutter will be more effective to cut down the cardboard. Photos, of course, it goes without saying are the most important ingredient.

Depending on how artistic you are or want to be, you may get other additional supplies such as colored construction paper, beads, glow in the dark stars or anything else that captures your eye. You can use these as borders for pictures, borders of the entire poster or just to decorate individual pictures as you see fit. It all depends on your individual style, flair and effect you're going for with the particular poster in question.

Walk through an arts and crafts star and go down the different aisles. This will be your best way to find things that might go well with your particular poster's theme. You don't necessary have to have a theme, but it always helps to spice up your poster and make it unique. Of course, you can always just use pictures to make a statement. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is all about showcasing your photos in whatever capacity that tickles your fancy.

Then, one of the most important steps, you need to pick out exactly what photos to use. This is where knowing what your subject is will be key. Now, you pick out the pictures you want to use and get them ready. If you don't want to use originals, you can use a photo printer or get reproductions done so that you still have a hardcopy of the picture for whatever purposes, such as albums. You'll roughly want enough pictures to cover the entire piece of cardboard, even if you are using some sort of border, because this way you might be able to cut down certain pictures to smaller sizes for use as well. Once you have all your pictures set, you can begin to figure out how to go about setting the poster up to your liking.

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