Thursday, July 21, 2005

Photography Down Under Style

If you are planning a working vacation to the "Land Down Under" for photographs, there are many towns and cities in Australia that will provide some great shots. If you do not wish to visit the capital city of Canberra, you may want to try the electrifying Sydney. This is Australia's biggest city and it will easily provide plenty of photographic subjects as well as activities for the "vacation" part of your trip.

If you want to get some beach shots, your agenda should include spending some time at Bondi Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches in all of Australia and surfing is available here.

Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympics and you will definitely want to stop by the Sydney Olympic Park. You will be able to photograph (and participate in, if you wish!) some of the sports that routinely occur here. They have a golf center, hockey center, archery center, and many more areas of that type within the complex. For total relaxation after your workout, saunas and spas are offered at the Olympic Park.

If you don't feel like sports or aerobics and those kinds of things, you may want to see if you have courage to try something else found at Olympic Park. It is a high flying trapeze called the Quasar Trapeze. You may be able to get some circus-type shots of people on the trapeze if you do not wish to try it yourself. If you have always wanted to "fly through the air with the greatest of ease," there are professionals to help you realize that dream at the Quasar Trapeze.

For animal photography, three thousand animals (350 + species) live at the Taronga Zoo but if that isn't enough "wildlife" work for you, you can take pictures with aquatic subjects at the aquarium found in Sydney as well.

To get some striking aerial-type photos, go to the Sydney Tower and Sky Tour. You will be able to photograph the city from a height of more than 800 feet at the Sydney Tower. Don't forget that depending on which time of day you visit, your shots will be quite different.

The Sydney Harbor is scenic and filled with history. While visiting this part of the city, be sure not to miss the lighthouses, old military remnants, and Fort Denison. Other things to be sure to catch are the prominent cliffs, the islands, and the rock engravings.

Another site where you may be able to mix work and pleasure is at the entertainment complex called Star City Casino. Views of the city skyline are spectacular from the complex, but there is also gaming as the name suggests. In addition to all the games of chance found in other casinos, you will find about two thousand slot machines. The complex never closes, so this may be an opportunity for some skyline shots after dark.

You may think that you wouldn't be able to take many photographs by visiting the infamous Sydney Opera House but that may not be the case. There are five theaters, and yes, and that alone won't offer much opportunity, but one of the packages they offer includes a twilight cruise around the harbor. Photographs from cruises often turn out to be very satisfying.

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