Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Photo Shoot: New York City

No matter how I choose to set up any kind of a list, there is no way that I could name even a fraction of the things that will keep a photographer busy in New York City. I will try to cover some of the major attractions, but please do lots of research before leaving for your trip to the Big Apple. It is never a good idea to go to such an exciting place blindly without a schedule or a lot of your valuable time will be taken up thinking of what agenda items you want to do. Having a list when you arrive saves valuable time.

If you would like to start with the most famous spots, stop first at places like Central Park and the Empire State Building. Be on the lookout for celebrities all over the city because it is certainly not unthinkable that you may run across someone very recognizable to you. Don't forget the Central Park Zoo.

Most visitors to New York City, especially if it is a first time visit, will want to plan one of the earliest agenda items to be visiting and photographing the Statue of Liberty. One certainly does not have to be a professional photographer to want to snap pictures of Lady Liberty. Take the ferry around the harbor for some great shots. Also in the same area is where you will find Ellis Island if that is a place of interest.

Some other points of interest, in no particular order (and certainly not all-inclusive because New York City is huge and there are so many things to see!) include:

Times Square is the place to get some excellent "big city" photographs

Ground Zero is the location of the World Trade Center before September 11

Skyline shots are fabulous . . . don't forget to get some! Make it a point to get such photographs both in the daylight and when the city is all lit up and spectacular after dark.

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum is found at Times Square on West 42nd Street

Rockefeller Center Complex

Chinatown is found on the lower east side of the city, this is a great place to experience, especially if you are hungry!

Little Italy is another neighborhood like Chinatown that will provide for some good pictures, but will also be a memorable stop for a hungry stomach.

Countless museums are found in and around New York City. Be aware, however, that some museums do not allow flash photography and some do not allow any photography at all.

The Staten Island Ferry is one good way to do some of your skyline sightseeing.

St. Patrick's Cathedral will make a stunning photograph. The Gothic style cathedral is simply breathtaking

Broadway . . . what more needs to be said? Getting a lot of pictures isn't something that you will probably be able to do here, but what trip to the Big Apple is complete without catching a few Broadway shows?

Madison Square Garden

Coney Island

United Nations Headquarters

Greenwich Village

No matter what your reason is for visiting the city, you will probably have a difficult time wanting to return to your hotel at the end of a day. It is, after all, one of those cities that never sleeps.

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