Monday, July 18, 2005

Photo Shoot: Beautiful France

Mention France and most photographers either pro or amateur will envision breathtaking shots of the Eiffel Tower from all possible angles and distances. It stands tall and proud from most vantage points all over the "City of Lights."

Not only will you be able to take your photographs from ground level, but from numerous places from within the tower itself. Remember that shots of the city should be taken both in daylight and nighttime for some incredible pictures. The steps to the tower close at 6 p.m. most of the year, but you can go into the tower via the elevator much later every evening.

Paris does indeed have countless photography subjects but there are many other places and cities in France that will prove just as exciting to a traveler and photographer. That said, however, some other excellent places for photograph taking in Paris include the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame.

The Louvre, of course, is where you will find the exceptionally well-known Mona Lisa as well as many other extraordinary pieces of art. Your first picture may be of the entrance to the museum, which is a huge pyramid. You will not be able to visit the Louvre on Tuesdays, but for every other day, admission time is 9 a.m.

When you take a picture of the Notre Dame Cathedral, you will be capturing the image of a gothic style building that was first begun in the year 1163. One good thing to keep in mind here is that Masses are still held on the premises, so find out if you will be able to have a tour of the inside before you go there.

Other things in Paris that will provide some memorable photographs include the zoo in the city if you are interested in taking animal photos, and this is also, of course, where Disneyland Paris is found, as the name suggests.

The Loire Valley area of France is the place to go for snapping some shots of castles. There are actually numerous castles in this region, so be sure to know which ones you want to photograph before arriving. You won't need to waste time deciding if you know ahead of time which ones you want to photograph.

If you are in the "old port" area (Vieux Port) of Marseille, you will probably be able to see many cruise ships coming in. This is a great city for sightseeing and for shopping if that is part of your agenda.

If you want to get some nature shots, try Aix-en-Provence and hike in the mountain area. Still another idea of something to see and do in France is the planetarium and science museum found in Toulouse. (Naturally both of these places have many more photographic opportunities than are mentioned here.)

One of the most beautiful areas of France is found on the French Riviera and is the city of Nice. This is where you will be seeing beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. This is a popular diving area, and if you do underwater photography, be sure to dive to see the Our Lady of the Seabed statue as well as other pieces of underwater works of art.

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