Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Photo Op of a Lifetime: Moscow

If you have the opportunity to travel to Russia for one of your working photography vacations, it will be a good choice. More specifically, a visit to the capital city of Moscow will be totally unforgettable. Travel to this area of the world was a lot more restricted in the days of the cold war, but since its end, Moscow has become a travel destination for many more vacationers.

Your first photo subject may be Red Square. There are numerous things that need your attention when taking pictures all over the city, but in Red Square you will want to find the mausoleum where Lenin is buried, the exquisite 16th century St. Basil's Cathedral, and the Historical Museum.

If you want to take a break from the photography, this is also where you will find the massive GUM Department Store. It covers much of one side of Red Square and it houses well over a hundred shops, outlets, and restaurants. It would not be difficult in the least to spend an entire day in this building.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable pieces of architecture in the world is Moscow's Kremlin. This is an entire city within the Kremlin walls and there are palaces, churches, and government buildings. This is also, of course, where the president of Russia calls home.

Also found in the Kremlin is Cathedral Square. All the churches found at Cathedral Square are magnificent. After seeing these main attractions of Red Square and the Kremlin, there are still many places in the city to visit with your photography equipment. Some ideas of places to visit are:

(1) The State Tretyakov Gallery is a museum of fine art that has been created in many mediums. It is found near the Kremlin and located beside the Moscow River. Be prepared to see more than 130,000 artistic endeavors.

(2) If your specialty is wildlife or animal shots, try the Moscow Zoo. It has been in operation for more than 140 years. Over six thousand animals representing in excess of a thousand different species live here.

(3) There is some lovely scenery along the two mile long Gorky Park. It is an excellent place to get some exercise while looking for things to photograph. This, too, is located beside the Moscow River. Another park in the area is called Victory Park and it is where to perhaps hire a boat for some photographic shots of parts of Moscow taken from the river.

(4) You will be able to get some great pictures at one of the Russian circuses found in and near Moscow. There are always a few circuses from which to choose, but if at all possible, don't leave town without seeing at least one of them.

(5) Another thing to be sure to get a picture of is the Volkov - Yusupov Chambers. This fabulous 16th century building looks like the castles that many fairy tales are written about. When you are showing your pictures to friends, you will be able to mention that Ivan the Terrible roamed these halls since he actually lived here.

(6) Plan a visit to the Bolshoi Theatre to take in a fabulous opera or ballet while visiting the city.

There are naturally many other places in Moscow to see and things to do that will keep you busy for your entire visit. These were just a few of the activities that make the Russian capital a unique and exciting travel destination.

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