Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My DiMAGE Z5 is on Its Way!

by Christina VanGinkel

My Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z5 Digital Camera that I ordered from Dell is on its way! When I ordered, it was stated as being ready to ship within twenty-four hours. From when I placed the order, the website changed the next day and said it was on backorder. It stated in one place on the website that it was on backorder only three to four days out, but another spot said that it was one to two weeks out. Therefore, when it shipped right away I can honestly tell you that I was more than pleasantly surprised. Dell was offering the overall best price I could find on this camera, with its 12 optic lens and built in anti-shake technology, so I really wanted to get it from there, and was hoping beyond hope that the back order notice was just some glitch.

I ordered my first digital camera, my Sony Mavica 350 from Dell several years ago, and was more than pleased with the pricing and service then, so that also played a part in my decision to shop with them again.

When ordering camera equipment online, it is beneficial to you, the consumer, to order from a company that you feel will be easy to deal with. Having purchased several computers, my first digital still camera, my digital camcorder, software, and other miscellaneous items from them, Dell was my first logical place to shop. That they had the lowest price just sealed the deal. Would I have ordered from somewhere else online? Definitely! I price comparison shopped at numerous online stores. If I had chosen to go with a store that I was not as familiar with as Dell, I would have also spent some time researching the store itself on top of just researching the camera and price. I would have checked their rating at, and I would have popped into any online discussions I could have found about the store I was considering, to ask about any issues that people had run into with the store in question and how it was handled.

As to Dell, I have personally had some issues with them, and so have some first hand knowledge of how well they resolved them. They are usually easy to deal with, beyond the fact that because they have several ways to reach customer service, via phone, email, live chat, and through their customer service boards, I sometimes am unsure of what would be the ideal way to get a hold of them. Each time I have had to reach them though, they have been quick to respond to my questions, and quick to try to resolve the issues in a favorable way. For instance, when I ordered my Sony Mavica, I had questions about available accessories. In addition, how the camera would connect to my computer, and what size pictures the camera would clearly produce without distortion.

I am looking forward to the arrival of my new camera, and as soon as it gets here, and I have a chance to try it out, I will let you all know if it lives up to my expectations!

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