Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Photo Shoot: Cairo!

Is it possible to shoot a bad picture while in Egypt and standing in the Valley of Kings with your photography equipment? This is one of the most impressive places in the world for avid and amateur photographers alike to utilize their craft.

It needs to be mentioned first that you will need to have your passport up to date and be sure you have your visa in time. Because of its location, you will also want to make sure that there aren't any current travel advisories to Egypt issued by the State Department.

When Egypt comes to mind, one of the first icons that most people will envision is that of the Great Sphinx. You will be able to get some incredible pictures in the Giza area, and the Sphinx is just one of them. Be sure to go back at different times of day for your photo shoots and you may capture a great sunset in the background.

You may enjoy visiting the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. It is an open market and since it is the most "famous" market of this type in the city, you could most likely find better prices elsewhere, but perhaps not better pictures. While visiting the bazaar, look across from it and you will see the ancient and very beautiful El Azhar Mosque.

Another mosque found in Islamic Cairo is the Sultan Hasson Mosque and Madrassa. These extremely beautiful and aged buildings make excellent subjects for photographs.

What mention of Egypt would be complete without pointing out the spectacular pyramids? You will definitely be snapping a lot of photo shots from this area. If you are into low light or nighttime photography, there is a sound and light show at the pyramids and sphinx three times every night and all those monuments are lit.

You will be able to see some magnificent views of Cairo from the Citadel in Islamic Cairo. There are other things to see and do in the citadel, too, including a palace, mosques, and museums.

Another option for a photographer that should not be missed is taking a cruise along the Nile. There are numerous companies that offer the cruises and many of them are dinner cruises. Do some research to choose which cruise you would rather take because each company has a different show and food, etc.

For a sort of living history museum slash sort of a theme park, try Dr. Ragab's Pharaonic Village. You will be riding a barge and seeing actors presenting scenes from Egyptian history. There is a reconstructed temple here as well as a reproduction of King Tut's tomb. There will be places that you can walk as well as ride the barge. This attraction is on the banks of the Nile.

To get some unique pictures that aren't necessarily thought of when Egypt comes to mind, try seeing the Egyptian National Circus. This is a late-night show and there are many acts that will make superior photographs. Some of the acts you will see are lion and tiger acts, acrobats, and poisonous snakes. A circus wouldn't be complete without the clowns and magic show, and the Egyptian National Circus offers those, too. Be aware that at various times of the year, this circus goes traveling to other parts of Egypt.

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