Thursday, June 30, 2005

Photo Shoot: Acapulco!

If you want some exotic photographs of a tropical paradise, grab your photography equipment and head for the steamy and exciting "city that never sleeps". . . Acapulco, Mexico.

You will most likely never feel a temperature below 65 degrees while visiting here, so although you may want to take a thin jacket for evenings, you most likely won't need to use it. Even during the coldest part of the year, Acapulco is usually in the low 80s.

Acapulco is known for its exciting nightlife, so if you happen to be a photographer by day and enjoy the nightlife later in the day, this would be a perfect choice of vacation destination for you.

One of the top photographic opportunities offered here is that of the glorious sunsets. For some reason the colors seem brighter and deeper here, and it usually shows on photographs. There will be some great foreground options for your pictures, too, from this paradise of a city.

There are many beaches to be found that complement those exquisite sunsets, and also a great opportunity for photography. If you happen to be an underwater photographer, the snorkeling is excellent here. And for still another water activity, check out one of the many cruises that are offered that board at Acapulco. Each company has its own amenities, so be sure to compare before you choose one to make sure you're getting exactly what you want.

If you want to try to capture some great sports shots, be sure to see the La Quebrada cliff diver shows. They perform daily with the last show of the day being a torch-lit presentation after dark. If there's something about this spot that seems familiar and you haven't watched any of the sports coverage of the divers, it is the same cliff that Elvis used in his movie "Fun in Acapulco." Many other movies have also taken advantage of the cliffs in their storylines.

You will be able to catch some diving shows as well as dolphin shows at the CICI Water Park. Again, if you do water photography, it is possible to arrange to swim with the dolphins.

If you are visiting during bullfighting season (November through April) you will be able to get some unique shots if this is the sort of thing you would enjoy photographing. Acapulco has the second largest arena for this sport in Mexico.

If your idea of "paradise" includes some tropical birds, you will find over 50 acres of land with such birds at Papagayo Park. There is also a fully sized Spanish galleon at this site, as well as a garden and lagoon.

There are countless opportunities in Acapulco for the photographer. Just a few other options to mention include:

-- The El Fuerte de San Diego. This was a fort used long ago when pirates tried to invade this area. There is a museum located at this site as well.

-- Visit the aquarium, take some shots at the sea lion show, ride a boat with a glass bottom, or rent a jet ski at Magigo Mundo Marino.

-- Either take a glass bottom boat or go diving to see the famous Virgin of Guadalupe statue (sunken statue).

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