Friday, April 01, 2005

How to Build the Ultimate Train Set

You might remember having fond memories of the train set when you were little. The excitement it was to build your own ultimate train set. Putting the tiny tracks together making the scene look as real as possible so cool huh? Friends and family crowding around looking to see what kind of train model you constructed. Your dad giving you his train set he had when he was little and showing you pointers how to make one. You might have got angry and thought that you could do it yourself. Well you can do it yourself, but having friends help is good too! Building the ultimate train set is easy, but does require you to have an imagination. Also can help build new memories these memories can last a lifetime and they don’t have to stop when you’re young. Many mature adults have trains as a hobby and have huge set ups. Some take pictures and have competition among them who can build the ultimate train set. A lot of these people have their creation set up in there basement and some take up the whole room quite a set up indeed!

Train collecting and train building is an expensive hobby, but worth the time and effort. You will find that you can slowly build your set up to the ultimate train set. So you’re ready to start building that ultimate train set down in the basement or attic. Where ever you start the first thing that you want to do is clear yourself enough space. The living room bedroom is not recommended because of the other things in the room that can harm your set. These “things” namely people, pets, and furniture and objects in the room that might damage your set. I recommend that you go in the attic, basement, or and empty garage, or sometimes an extra bedroom that nobody ever goes into. The pieces are very delicate and need to be treated with soft hands.

After you found a large amount of space then you need to start buying track. By electric I recommend that you get digitrax Ho Scale on sale at $27.99. With tracks you need to get curves, bridges, tunnels, and left and right turns. Then you can get all the neat scenery. You can find everything you need and everything you don’t need on the internet. There is everything there and you just need to look around. Go to keyword spot on your computer and type hobby stores and you should get a lot of places with all the stuff you are looking for. If you don’t have a computer you can go to your local hobby shop to find what you’re looking for. Chances are though to build the ultimate train set you need to get on the net to find everything you’re looking for. You can get animals. They have tiny people too and they all look detailed and everything is down to scale. Maybe you want to add a tiny little farm for the animals to play in? Nothing looks better than a train flying by a tiny farm with cows and chickens. Add horses and holding pens, by now your train set is looking good.

Not the ultimate train set yet? What’s wrong you need to get moving? Well you need to get more together build tunnels for your tiny train to go into. Add a fine train station for your conductors and passengers to dock and arrive at. Add hills and rolling plains and mountains be creative you can get all the pieces that you are looking for. You can even create your own towns and cities with real cars, streets and planes. By building piece by piece and then place them just right where you want them. Let your mind be creative and never stop rearranging your pieces ask people to see what you’ve done and ask for there opinion. When you get it all set up just the way you want it and you think it looks perfect buy the locomotives and the freight and passenger cars and then finally the caboose. When you then think that you have the ultimate set run it through the track around and let our friends and family see your creation. Take a picture and see if can be in a magazine for everyone to see. Do you think you have the best train set? I don’t believe you need to show it off! Many magazines in hobby interest are looking for creations like this. Don’t be shy show of your creations and be proud soon every hobby person out there will start asking you for advice on how to build the ultimate train set.

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