Saturday, March 12, 2005

Scrap Booking

Different Ways to Scrapbook:

Everywhere you look you find a picture here and there. It is common sense that it would cost way too much money to go buy picture frames for as many pictures as you have just laying around. Then again there is always the idea of scrap-booking that would be all too perfect… but… where to start? There are several different routes that you could take when it comes to the opportunity to personalize your very own scrapbook. There are fancy pre-made scrapbooks in many different stores (specifically book stores) that can range anywhere from $15 to $50 dollars. Most people spend at least a little bit of money for their scrap-booking projects just to make sure that it gets a little bit more of a flashy and attracting appeal to it. That does not mean that your scrapbook cannot be made for free and be any less eye-catching and fun to look at. If you know Calligraphy and happen to be a fairly decent artist, take that to your advantage when creating your scrap-book! If you aren’t as talented as Picasso, don’t fret too badly, for there are always computers and printers! Thank heavens for modern technology eh? Microsoft Word provides picture clip images that may help in providing you pictures that you are looking for. If you click for images on your main Internet search engine, they may also provide you with the perfect picture that you are looking for. Be creative. If there is a picture that provides you with a memory of some sort of secret meaning, try to find a picture that will resort to the hint. If you and your friend are giving a full on grin in that certain picture, and its because you both won a pie eating contest and won a $500 dollar prize, try to find a picture of a pie and a picture of money! There are so many opportunities to find an image to put on your scrapbook that matches that memory perfectly, just use your imagination! If you go to a book store they also have little bubble words or clippings that you can stick next to the picture. If you are planning on doing a free scrapbook, this is where your Calligraphy skills may come into play! Colors and eye-catching designs on the pages of your scrapbook wick only help enhance its features. Scrap-booking does not only need to be for pictures. I have an Internet relationship, and can only print off e-mails to preserve the memories. If you love remembering letters or e-mails that people sent you, scrapbook those as well to save the memories! You can scrapbook them the same way that you would a normal picture scrapbook. Just add pictures and Calligraphy or words that describe and give the best feel to that certain moment. Flowers aren’t only beneficial by looking beautiful, but you can use them to scrapbook too! A dried plant pressed onto paper looks quite lovely, and is an excellent technique for a well thought out scrapbook. If it is a romantic memory to preserve, put lipstick on and kiss the paper to leave a ‘sealed with a kiss’ effect, and perhaps print off a picture of a candle or heart and place it next to it. Use different theme idea’s, and perhaps TAKE pictures to help bring out that theme. Listed below are some great theme ideas.

- Romantic Anniversary (take photos of every anniversary that you have shared, and put things in them that symbolize what took place on every anniversary. Let’s say that you got a dozen roses and a poem for your 12th anniversary, put a picture of 12 roses and a poem on the page of your 12th anniversary).
- Animals (of coarse you cherish your pet! Why not preserve the memories? I’m sure that everyone has pictures of their animals, so make a fun scrapbook of it!)
- Friends (Ok this one is a huge pick to create a scrapbook, so try to make yours really unique and make up sayings or put quotes on the picture next to the picture that ties in perfectly with the memory).
- Relatives (family reunions, camping trips, road trips, holidays, and anything you can imagine or have a picture of with your family. Not only would be a great scrapbook, but a great gift to pass down from generations to generations!)
- High School/College (of course these are the most memorable years of someone’s life. Hardships, laughter, stress, friendships, opportunities, and everything! This is a great way to show what you went through, good and bad to get where you are today!)
- Children/Growing up (Well… of coarse that’s what baby books are for… but it’s almost like doing an ongoing scrapbook for a baby-book! Share the memory of your loved one growing older, it will be quite priceless!)
- Trips (Maybe you took a trip to Europe, or even just to your cousins house that lived 2 miles away. If you have pictures, scrapbook them! Tell stories and show pictures, it will be so much fun to look back on!)
- Things you loved (perhaps people call you a crazy person obsessed with Lord of the Rings, preserve pictures of the movie, you in a Lord of the Rings costume standing in line waiting for the movie, this will be very priceless and a great way to look back on the things that you used to love and cherish)
- Nature (Perhaps you took pictures of different places, whether it be your back yard or a waterfall in a different country. Pictures of landscapes and nature can be quite relaxing to look at. Maybe add information about the place, or a memory about what you did at that place and why it is so special)
- Entertainment (maybe you really love the media, magazines, television shows, so archive it! Take picture clippings of your Hollywood idol, your favourite movies, books and things that entertain you!)

There are just a few ideas, if you’ve got a great imagination, allow yourself to get carried away with it. Scrap Booking is very fun, and doesn’t really feel like a task. It’s a great way to send your mood soaring to new heights with laughter and smiles. As they say, every picture is more than a thousand words, and it’s quite true. Whether its with a lover, your best friend, your faithful pet, or the inspiration of the outdoors, we all have things that we can scrapbook that would mean a lot to us, and be so priceless to look back at over the years. Even if it is just a random scrapbook with no theme, it’ll still be worth a lot to you. It’s a prized possession that you created and that brings out the meaning of what life is for. There’s always a special memory that belongs in a place to be remembered, that’s the beauty of scrap booking. Whether it’s free, or a $75.00 scrapbook found in a really nice store, nothing will ever be as priceless as the memories that go into the book. This can be a family, friend or individual project… but most importantly, make sure that you have a lot of fun while doing it!

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