Saturday, March 12, 2005


‘Photography’ is a very interesting word, as it gives us an image of enjoyment and fun. But it is something beyond this aspect, i.e., it has a wider meaning! Generally we think that photography is just clicking a camera and capturing some objects in it, developing it and getting the image and praising it, or using it for some other task. Photography is not so simple, and it needs a very creativity, sensibility, love for beauty, time and many more things to perform this task. Because, without these things the real photography could not take place. A good photographer depicts all application of his mind in his or her own creation. Photography can be taken as an Art, Science, Hobby of Profession.

Photography as an art
As said earlier, photography is a task of senses and creativity, and therefore, it is believed not be everyone’s task. But it is not so that a good photographer is born, and you can opt to learn the art of photography. But it is true that love for photography should be from mind itself that will help in learning it.

Photography as Science
As it is an application of mind, techniques, ideas and other methods to improve the quality, it is can also be considered as a science. As we know there are specific courses in photography for making it as a career or sometimes for taking it as hobby, someone can learn it.

Photography as a hobby
As almost everyone has some type of hobby, like, gardening, stamp collection, and reading books, etc., some people have photography as their hobby. It gives them immense pleasure to capture the memories or the moments and remembering their mates or by making their collection as gallery. There are some exhibitions, which shows the collections of some people having good photographs.

Photography as profession
As we think of anything in today’s world, it can be your profession! –So is photography! Photography is a very good profession as every person wants that his or her memorable moments should be stored as photographs or pictures, so that in future they can remember their past and enjoy it. But it must be kept in mind that the quality should be good so as to maintain the image of photography.

Introduction of computers in photography imparts great effect and lends a rare beauty to it. With the help of computers the quality of photography is very much improved. Now we can adjust the color combinations, sights according to our requirements. This also results in quickness, variety and cost cutting in the professionalism as well as for personal. Really computers have taken the art of poetry to an altogether different pedestal!

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