Saturday, March 05, 2005

Need Free Photo Management Software? Try Picasa 2!

If you have a digital camera, chances are you have a ton of photos scattered across memory cards, hard disks, and even stored online on numerous web servers. While you probably already have a nice piece of photo management software, a really fine application is available with not only a wide array of features, but it's also a free piece of software.

The software, titled "Picasa" is a wonderful piece of free computer software made the nice folks at Google. The software, which runs on Windows computer systems is a computer program that is relatively small in size, yet fully packed with features.

Picasa is now in its 2nd major version, known as Picasa 2, and is readily available at The main focus of the Picasa program is the ability to find and manage photos. Picasa will search your computer for all the photographs it can find, and will allow you to organize the photos the way you wish in albums.

Not only can you organize your photos into specific albums, but you are also given the abilities to give your photo albums a specific star rating, as well as password protect your albums. These features are absolutely perfect if a lot of other people utilize your computer system.

Not only does the Picasa software allow you to organize your photo collection, but it also allows you to make your photo collection better. Picasa 2 comes complete with several tools and utilities that allow you to fix common problems with photos such as brightness / contrast, and allow you to easily crop your photographs. Picasa 2 also gives users the ability to resize their photos, as well as add specific comments to individual photos.

Finally, Picasa 2 allows you to literally put your photos anywhere. From directly inside the Picasa program, you can quickly and easily send photos via e-mail, onto a specific website, or even designate an CD or flash drive for the photos.

Overall, Picasa 2 is a very powerful computer program made free by the wonderful folks at Google. If you are in need of free photo management software, or are under the impression that the photo management software you are currently using is not exactly what you need, then it is highly suggested that you get a copy of Picasa 2 at and see what you have been missing.

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