Thursday, February 24, 2005

Choice of right computer for your digital cameras

Digital cameras have revolutionized the art of photography with their very useful compatibility with the computers. And you can do almost anything with your prized photographs from storing to altering and from printing to poster making. There are hundred of good software that allow you to do the desired alteration with your photographs before getting a good hard copy of that. Here in this article, we will discuss about the choice of a computer system, which will be most fitting for your digital camera.


Monitor is the most important component of a computer and it becomes more important, for, you want to see some images on it. So the resolution quality and the output plays a major part to give you a clear view of your photographs. The main features of a monitor for your digital work are the size of the screen and the aperture of the screen at its corner. Flat screen monitors are expensive but their quality is the best among present day monitors and they are worthwhile of the money that you spend upon them. The size of the monitor vary and a 17" or 19" monitor will make a good choice for you.

RAM and Workstation

Software needs more RAM and therefore it become necessary for you to consider how much money you can afford for your RAM, as the speed of the computer is a secondary consideration.

Hard Drives

Digital images use a lot of disk space so it is always advisable to go for capacity and the RPM of the disk. There are some software who work with multiple disk drives, and makes it easier to read and write. This gives you a good opportunity to have multiple disks.


While choosing for a scanner, you should keep in your mind the capacity of your printer. Companies offer DPI ratings to get you a view of the scanning capacity, but they don't give you the rating of noise produced, which is a major issue. You choose according to your needs and requirements.

Software Choices

When we talk about the software for photos, Photoshop strikes in mind and this is like a standard for many home users. Corel Photopaint is also a good choice and can be used. There are other software that have multiple features and you can choose that fits in your bill.

Printing Choices

It goes without saying that there are many printing choices available for you, and the cost per print depends directly upon the quality of the print that you want. Laser printers are more expensive but makes for it after you use them. They are good if you have a large work to do. Inkjet printers are costly but have a very good quality, but they are suitable for home use only.

These considerations can give you an ample idea about the computer system that will suit your digital work most. You can buy and manage your system, if you know what you require and what you have.

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