Thursday, February 17, 2005


The most striking importance of cameras is felt when one thinks about the history and finds that we don't have the pictures of everything that happened in the history. The people who lived here on earth and who did some stupendous things, actually, never came before the lens and therefore were never clicked. We are deprived of the intimate closeness that we could have had, if and only if, cameras were there. But no, it is relatively new concept and science has added much to its present design, which have led to the discovery of digital cameras. Anyway, we will talk about these cameras later on in this topic.

"The camera is an instrument that teaches the people how to see without a camera" is a very wonderful quote by Dorothea Lange! It really teaches the best lesson, if we are talking about the highest requirement of an ideal human birth, in which you are not wobbling in the current of bad and good, sorrow and joy. You just have to see all the people equally—with one eye—as you do while clicking through the camera! In the History of Punjab, the last Sikh King, the great Maharaja Ranjit Singh, was very famous for this kind of nature. He possessed one of the finest qualities of a king and people of his rule called him the "Touchstone"! However, we leave this historical topic here only, as volumes can be written for this only.

Camera and the art of photography differs from the contemporary similar art of painting, as there is no need of taking the brush, mixing the colors, and setting that on the paper to draw a fine picture. No wonder the art of painting is difficult and require more creativity; however, the creativity that you require to select the subject of your camera, is no less interesting. You need a very fine and evaluating eye to really get this going. It is said that the finest lens that ever was made, is that of our eye. And therefore it is pretty necessary for your eyes to be creative, to capture the art into camera and storing it in reminiscences for generations to come. There are many things in the world that were there, but are extinct now. We are able to know more about them due to the art of photography. So, cameras and photography play a major role in recording the events and sights that might not stay with us forever.

The photography preserves the family photographs, landscapes, event recordings, portraits and almost all the things that you want to store! Have you ever thought why we have not seen the face of our great-grand father's father? –Just because the cameras were not invented at that time and therefore we are unable to see what and how our forefathers looked like. The importance of cameras is immense and there is no restriction of their application in field of life.

The types of cameras are many according to the application they are used for, and some of them are very interesting ones. The most astonishing of them are the cameras, which are used for recording the activities of nocturnal animals; for, at that period of time, there is no light available to see! However, with these cameras, we can record these activities and know better the world of animals, which has helped immensely the research field and the preservation of wild life. A very famous adage says it all: don't shoot the animals, shoot them with the camera! It is a very fascinating hobby and the TV channels like Discovery and National Geographic shows the potential application of this hobby.

There are infrared cameras, photo-chromatic cameras, cameras that can work in very high temperature atmosphere and many more, which are not known to a common man. There was another type of camera and was extensively used in research work: the camera that recorded the color of aura around the people. It is very interesting topic of science and have a very interesting application, as with the distinction of color, scientists are able to draw conclusions upon the nature of persons. These cameras are able to record to the area in which these auras spread their color. It is a wonderful application indeed and most of the people are unaware of this kind of application.

Recently, with the development of computer science and digital technology, cameras have reached a new height in their performance and clarity of pictures they produce. Digital cameras are wonderful assets for any person, and their work is a treat for the eyes to watch. The compact design and relative lower prices add to their popularity. If you love to record family events, love to take pictures while travelling, and have thought to keep a camera in your bag or pocket, as not miss some scene; then, these digital cameras are the panacea for all your desires and can solve the problem. Scientists, doing research in Cognitive sciences and neural networks, have gone so far as to make a retina with the technology! They incorporate similar components like Silicon chips and other things.

Web cameras are also very popular with younger generation, as it facilitates pictures during chatting. This has actually limited the illegal use of online chatting. And these cameras also have wonderful application, if a family member is living away from you: you can watch him through these cameras. The applications of these web cameras are also important for business partners for online conferencing and other information exchange. You name the field and the cameras have an application there, and if you have thought seriously about your passion of photography to make it a career, then this is the point to start doing so. You are going to scale new heights in this art if you have the creative eye and are vigilant enough to record the sights that most of the people ignore, but find them the best when recorded by someone else!

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