Thursday, February 24, 2005

Basic terms about your digital camera

Digital cameras are making a point and almost everybody seems heading to the market to buy one. But many of these don’t know about the technical terms that are beneficial while buying a camera, which will be suiting their needs most. In this article, we will give some general terms that are important for buying a good digital camera.


Pixel is one of the most important parts of your digital images and you must be aware about the screen output of your camera. The digital images are made up of pixels, which is in the shape of squares. These pixels have a numerical value between 0 and 255 and are made up of three-color channels. There are lots of these three-color combination pixels, and therefore, we get so colorful images, which are both striking and attracting.

Pixel count

The categorization of digital cameras is done through pixel counts and these counts vary from 1 million (1 Megapixel) to around 14 million (14 Megapixels). The cameras of different pixel counts can be bought according to your needs, as the effective number of pixels, is the number that are used to form a particular image. So a 3-4MP camera can be best suited for your domestic needs.

Aspect Ratio

It is the ratio of the length of the sides of the images. This ratio helps in determining the digital camera, for, your computer monitors are also aspect ratio based, as you can view your digital images best if these monitor are compatible with your digital cameras' aspect ratio.

White balance

White balance is a very good option for setting the light for your digital cameras and most of the digital cameras come with automatic white balance systems. This feature provides you control over the output of the picture, as some film pictures tend to be yellow or white. But with this advanced feature of digital cameras, you have a proper light and a good photo.


Sensitivity of your digital cameras is like the ISO rating of your film cameras. Digital cameras also come with automatic ISO systems, which pick a most suitable sensitivity level according to the light level and give you optimal quality of the images.

These terms are the most basic terms that you need to know before buying a digital camera. When you will go to a shop for buying one, the sales person may ask you to give specifications of the camera, and you can give these terms. It will decide the capacity, quality and the budget of your digital camera. There are many companies and there are hundreds of models of digital cameras varying in their features and capacities. You must know your personal requirement and money that you can spend on the camera, to buy a best camera out of so many. It is not so difficult to get one, as it appears, if you know some simple terms and specifications that are most prevalent in the recent digital technology arena in the market.

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